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Nach wie vor hat die Kaffeekaschemme täglich ab 14 Uhr geöffnet; hier gibts lecker Kaffee und wer mag schlürft ein Likörchen.
Erholt Euch bei Kaffeespezialitäten,  Erfrischungsgetränken und ausgewählten Cocktails vom Mittestress.


Dienstag, 25. November, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

Dancer: Lara Tovazzi

Lara Tovazzi ist eine ausgebildete Tänzerin aus Italien, die uns am 25.
November mit ihrem neuen Programm begeistern wird: Tanzstücke aus
verschiedenen Stilrichtungen im Bereich Showtanz, Gesang, Musical und
weitere witzige Überraschungen erwarten euch bald! Bringt eure Freunde
und bekannte mit und lasst euch faszinieren…

Lara Tovazzi is a professional dancer from Italy. She will present on the
of November her new dance show mixed with singing pieces and funny
surprises. Bring your friends with you and let yourself be fascinated…!

Diesmal istdas Rauchen während der Veranstaltung nicht erlaubt!
No Smoking during the Show!

Start: 23 Uhr

Eintritt: 4€

Mittwoch, 26. November, ab 22 Uhr

Strange Songs for Strange Times

Dj/ne: JRI & MissVergnügen

Donnerstag, 27. November, ab 22 Uhr

Team Ali

Dj: Reina & André Langfeld

Freitag, 28. November, ab 22 Uhr

live:  Wild Asian

DJ: Daisuke PAK, Hiroki Shiga, Nagumo vol.1
house electro minimal

Fotocred: Henryk Weiffenbach

29. November, ab 22 Uhr

Dj: Al Chem

02. Dezember, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -


Danilo Andres Sepulveda Cofre
Tanz Performance

03. Dezember, ab 22 Uhr

MissVergnügen presents:


Dj/ne:  Sputnix & MissVergnügen

Donnerstag, 04. Dezember, ab 22 Uhr

Dj: Gene kouzouka
unspecified reality

Freitag, 05. Dezember, ab 22 Uhr


“I want to taste a new dessert, To see how other people work,
To see them irrigate the dirt, With water from a bank.
I took my tape and tape recorder, And made my way up to the border,
Where I received a legal order, From a man who drove a tank.
Wanted to see another country, But the country wouldn't have me,
They said they have a new policy, To protect their economy,
I said I want to see your city, They said they couldn't entertain me,
They said they simply had too many, And If I tried they would detain me.

He said, "You haven't any place here, Why you show your face here,
I’ll keep you at the base here, Don't move 'til you're told.”,
He returned with the command, "Go back to your land.
The only way to enter is with gold,
The only way to enter is with gold, The only way to enter is with gold.”
lyric by Lionrock.

an evening of edited, reinterpreted, redefined musics, sourced from varied past,
present and as yet undefined possible future realities, times & places that urban
resistance has deemed sacred.

nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Part 1 - 22.00:

Between the beats, is there access to secret knowledge within sound?. does slowing down sound
also slow down time? if we step into this space are we traversing time or even entering an as yet
unknown & unexplored dimension of sound, of life, & of consciousness?

PART 2 - 01.00:

55 years after the SS Empire Windrush made land in tillsbury in 1948, , its legacy is still coming on strong.
Generation Dubstep are redefining Techno, instilling it with a subtle infusion of a musical heritage that
spans ska, dub, rave & dubstep itself. They call it The New Wave.                       
This Generation Rules the Nation. JAM-JAM running things.

Samstag, 06. Dezember, ab 22 Uhr

Beat-schuppeN im Eschschloraque

DJs: Tiberius (60s beat, mod, garage, ne prise punk) & Shaky Mads

special: GoGo Performance

Dienstag, 09. Dezember, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part


Les Molinaris

Mittwoch, 10. Dezember, ab 22 Uhr

Wild Tunes for Winter

Djs: JRI & MissVergnügen

Donnerstag, 11. Dezember, ab 22 Uhr

Dj: Betty Stürmer

Freitag, 12. Dezember, ab 22 Uhr

The Vinyl Strikes Back

Ann M. Cazal
E.Delgado Lopez

Samstag, 13. Dezember, ab 22 Uhr

Giovanni Verga und Nico Lippolis

The collaboration between Giovanni Verga and Nico Lippolis brings to the discovery of
a dark area where the anatomy of the sound is crumbling and transformed into spherical
and organic matter. The sound of percussion, distant memory of the primordial, conducts
and hypnotizes the listener, moving, creating and recreating itself as well as a seed creates
its fruit without being able to know a priori its shape, its color and its flavor. Their research
always starts with that "something" and investigates and looks at that unpredictability
and mystery that are untranslatable and impenetrable.

Mittwoch, 17. Dezember, ab 22 Uhr

MissVergnügen presents


Laura Guidi is an Italian songwriter that has made berlin her home
from home. She has been entertaining crowds with her songs of love and rebellion for the
past six years in the streets, bars and venues of the city. Drawing on elements of italian
folk traditions as well as a fresh look at modern life. Laura is currently writing and recording
songs for a forthcoming release.

Dj/ne: die MeHow? & MissVergnügen

Dienstag, 23. Dezember, ab 22 Uhr



"Bande a Part"

(Veranstaltung für Außenseiter)

Fotocred: Henryk Weiffenbach
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Anmeldung bei Caro unter:
caro (at) oder: 0172 / 2946548

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