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Nach wie vor hat die Kaffeekaschemme täglich ab 14 Uhr geöffnet; hier gibts lecker Kaffee und wer mag schlürft ein Likörchen.
Erholt Euch bei Kaffeespezialitäten,  Erfrischungsgetränken und ausgewählten Cocktails vom Mittestress.


Dienstag 26
.April ab 23Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

Manifold v.0.8


Patrick Faurot

(director/dancer, USA)


Robert Kondorosi
(engineer/musician, DE)

Manifold is an experimental music and dance performance about multiplicity
- multiplicity of thought, of gesture, of word, of desire, of sound - and
the repercussions of living with this whelming horde.

Manifold v.0.8 is the first operational research performance of Manifold
at Eschschloraque, featuring Patrick Faurot (director/dancer, USA) and
Robert Kondorosi (engineer/musician, DE). The music is generated by a
sequencing of analog loops, delays, and feedback devices. The sounds and
texts generated onstage will be re-routed through a matrix mixer and
transmitted via long-wave radio to discrete receivers within the audience.


Patrick Faurot is an American choreographer, director, and
pluri-disciplinary performance artist based in Berlin. His productions
since 2014 have been focused on a research into experimental opera,
combining elements of contemporary dance theater with classical and new
music, including *un(_)requite(_)d *(2014) and *Vvedensky Train* (2015),
both shown at the Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin. Faurot studied mathematics
and physics at Columbia University in New York City, with concentrations in
music and dance. Upon graduating in 2007, he moved to Berlin where he began
working as a dancer and musician. In 2008, he became involved with the
underground Karmanoia-Gaya Theater, which provided a formative experience
within the experimental artistic milieu of Berlin. In 2010, Faurot received
a yearlong residency at the Querida Elena Teatro in Buenos Aires, where the
focus of his work returned to dance-theater with the production of
*köpfmaschine*. Since 2011, he has experimented with many performative
formats and contexts, producing in theaters, bars, galleries, and outdoor
spaces, creating solo performance installations, duets, trios, and
large-ensemble productions, and collaborating with musicians, composers,
and visual artists. Faurot’s work is concerned with the condition of man in

Mittwoch 27
.April ab 22Uhr

Strange Songs for Strange People

Djnes: Ivanka & MissVergnügen

Freitag 29
.April ab 22Uhr

Latino America
En Berlin

Live: Sonido Rebelde

"SONIDO REBELDE" sind mittlerweile seit zwei Jahren und 3000 Kilometern on the Road,
und touren mit ihren Instrumenten und Drahteseln quer durch Europa, Südamerika und Indien.

Ihr Musik ist Mestizo - eine gute Mischung aus Reggae, Rumba, Ska, Punk und Female-Rap.
Worüber sie reden? Über all die Themen, die ihnen im Alltagssumpf immer wieder aufstoßen:
Massentierhaltung, die Macht der Rüstungsindustrie, Genmanipulation in der Landwirtschaft,
die Strassenkinder dieser Welt, Rassismus und der ganze andere Scheiß, vor dem die Welt die
Augen verschließt. Was sie wollen? Inspirieren. Denn sie kämpfen mit ihrer Musik und ihren
Texten für ein ökologisches und soziales Leben. Wie sie das schaffen? Mit ihrer lauten und
bunten Show, die dich aufmuntern, ermutigen und zum Tanzen bringen wird.

Dj: T.B.A

Samstag 30
.April ab 22Uhr

Dub Intervention

Dj: ED 2000

more info:

more dub:

Mittwoch 04
.Mai ab 22Uhr

Hot Tunes for Cool Cats

Dj/ne: die MeHow? & MissVergnügen

Donnerstag 05.
Mai ab 23Uhr

Dj: Reina
Eclectic Tunes

Freitag 06
.Mai ab 22Uhr

Finest Electronic Music

Bojan (Berlin)
Damian (London)

Samstag 07
.Mai ab 22Uhr

Timecoderz vs. Vinyltrottel

Sonntag 08
.Mai ab 22Uhr

I know You got Soul

Dj: Betty Stürmer

Dienstag 10.Mai ab 23Uhr
Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter-

Bana Banana & FRIENDS

Versatile and temperamental, Bana Banana is becoming a Main Dish in any
good "Burlesque Restaurant". Finalist in the first Fish & Whips Burlesque
Festival (Berlin, 2011), Best Comic Act at the Munich Burlesque Festival
(2013), Most Original Performance at the Caribbean Burlesque Festival
(Jamaica, 2014). Guest in the 1st Caput Mundi International Burlesque
Award (Rome, 2013) and in the 4th International Stockholm Burlesque
Festival 2014. Queen of Italy (Milan,Pavia, 2015).

Producer and Haus Star in Lillys Wonderland Bar (Berlin, closed in May
2015), Producer and Star in Der Gr�ne Engel (Cabaret & Burlesque
Show, Berlin).

Well know between the Cabaret Performance Scene in Berlin since the last 6
years, we can consider her as a real Berliner: Sexy, Dark, Pimp, Funny and
always Elegant: When you see her on can't stay calm in your

Mittwoch 11
.Mai ab 22Uhr

Agit Prop Pop (Agitations-Propaganda populaire)

mit Dj/ne: Jri & MissVergnügen - heute mal  politisch

Gibt es Alternativen zu Konkurrenz, Umweltzerstörung, Überwachung und Krieg?
Welche Ideen habt Ihr, welche innovativen Strukturen kennt Ihr, wer macht es wo besser?
Und gibt es Möglichkeiten gemeinsam etwas dafür zu tun?

Jeder hat max. 3 Minuten Redezeit. Teilt mit dem Publikum Eure Kritik an den bestehenden
Verhältnissen. Informieren wir uns gegenseitig über neue Entwicklungen und Ideen.

Laßt uns auf der Grundlage von Menschlichkeit und Respekt miteinander ins Gespräch
 kommen- offen und direkt im öffentlichen Raum statt anonym im Netz.

Sprecht Euch an und bildet Banden!

Are there viable alternatives to competition, environmental destruction, surveillance and war?
What are your ideas? Do you know of any kind of innovative structures? Where are things
being done better and by whom? Is there a possibility to contribute together for those causes?

Everyone has a maximum of three minutes speaking time on the open mic. Share with the
audience your critique of the status quo, and let's have an exchange on new developments
and ideas.

Let's have an open dialogue on the basis of humanity and mutual respect, in the public
sphere instead of anonymously in the Net.

Speak up and bond together!

Freitag 13.Mai ab 22Uhr

VJ Ceren Oykut (Istanbul)

her cartoonish drawings, which often cover
small scraps of paper as well as large
walls and paper rolls, extend
classical techniques in terms of time and space.
During the live drawing
performance with Sheila Chipperfield,  she will be seaching
for nonsense,
uncontrollable and tameless images or maybe letters and symbols.

DJ Sheila Chipperfield

Once in charge of Elastica's low frequency oscillations and hailing from
London, Sheila Chipperfield is now a dancefloor botherer all over Europe
and is a resident on the Berlin club scene with her mix of electro/house and
oddball things she finds in the trash. She has been known to cause
mischief with people like Peaches/Yo Majesty/The Fall/Damon Albarn on a
number of occasions but with no serious injuries. It has never been her motivation
to appeal to the chin-strokers at the bar as these people have no friends.

Samstag 14
.Mai ab 22Uhr


Dj: Longevilo
Trash, Garage, Surf, Punk

Sonntag 15
.Mai ab 22Uhr


Hosted by:
James Bond Girls



Dienstag 17
.Mai ab 23Uhr

LIVE The Mechanical Tales

THE MECHANICAL TALES is a multi-instrumental trio: Lux Violetta,
Juliette LaBaltte and Lloyd Sinatra switch their roles among guitar, bass,
violin, keyboards, effects, harmonium and percussions.
The trio collaborates with different visual artists, among whom the
animator and illustrator Michele Bernardi (music for short films) and Anna Givani,
creator of on analog machine for live animations, "The Bloom Machine".
The most recent creation is the audio-video performance with Eleonora
Sovrani, fine artist and practitioner, whose research focuses on the relationships
between visual language, social dynamics and artistic practice.

Mittwoch 18
.Mai ab 22Uhr

The incredible Czentrifuga Allstars Nacht !

Dienstag 24
.Mai ab 23Uhr

Bande á Part
-Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter-


"Knuckle Up Cabaret Show"
hosted by Roc Roc It

Mittwoch 25
.Mai ab 22Uhr

MissVergnügen o.h.o.(on her own)


"Bande a Part"

(Veranstaltung für Außenseiter)

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