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Nach wie vor hat die Kaffeekaschemme täglich ab 14 Uhr geöffnet; hier gibts lecker Kaffee und wer mag schlürft ein Likörchen.
Erholt Euch bei Kaffeespezialitäten,  Erfrischungsgetränken und ausgewählten Cocktails vom Mittestress.


Mittwoch 02. Dezember
ab 22Uhr

Wild Tunes for Winter

Djnes+Live-schnickschnack: Ivanka & MissVergnügen

Donnerstag 03. Dezember
ab 22Uhr

Dj: #42


Freitag 04. Dezember
ab 22Uhr

Dj: Al Chem

Samstag 05. Dezember
ab 22Uhr


Dj's: André Herzig & Maurice

Dienstag 08. Dezember
ab 23Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

Performer: Jadi Carboni

In 2001, Jadi graduated from the National Dance Academy in Rome and won a
scholarship at the Venice Biennale under the direction of Carolyn Carlson.

In 2005, she studies at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam.

Since 2002 she has developed her experience with several dance companies
such as Danza Ricerca, Scottish National Theatre and Sense Labor. She
studies and works with several Choreographer and Dancers as Kirstie
Simson, Kathleen Hermersdorf, Kathie Duck, Toula Limnaios, leading to
freelance assignments throughout Europe, South America, and the United

As choreographer, she has worked for a number of prestigious dance theatre
productions such as Areja and On the Way to Immortality.

Since 2012 she works with the british dance-juggling company called
Feeding the Fish, in different production of the Staats Oper and for Sasha

In summer 2013, she was awarded the El Ray Award at the Barcelona Film
festival, as Best Leading Actress for her role in Is that the question? .

In 2015 she works as soloist in the Dance-theater project Der Kleine
Prince, with Theater Anu (Phisical Theater Company) and with Sasha waltz &


Kreislauf is a duet which investigates in the world of diversity, as a
basic and fundamental aspect of life itself.
We play with our bodies, revealing their natural power, interacting with
opposite energies, shapes and actions.
We use differences to underline their merging potential, which lead us to
findunity and completion.
Invisible dimensions will become concrete by the interaction of qualities,
physical structures and images, lightening up different level of awareness and
We will work with Archetype, symbols, optical illusions, to let the mind
of the audience travel free,capturing the beauty and the authenticity of
each moment.
We experience and give different point of view, finding agreements,
compromises, exalting one an other in the creation of a new oneness.
Life begins experiencing diverseness, through the contact of a singular
entity with the outside world.
We often avoid diversity, sometime even rejecting it, without considering
that we are born by the union of two basically different bodies, by the fusion
of two complementary unit, which have opposite charge, shape and function.
Even though we live in a time where cultures, races and arts are in
communication with each other, showing us that differences can complete, not
only separate, we are often soaked in the sensation of separation, in the
fear of the unknown.
The awareness of our unique personality’s potential and the recognition to be
part of the same human race, can give us the consciousness that development
and growth are given by the acceptance of differences, by blending our powers

Can we let the body speak?
Can we accept to see our own self reflection in another human being?
Do people meet for a reason?
What can we give to each other?

We give, receiving, we learn, teaching, we become part of unknown existences,
in which opposites, dry contrasts and complementary essences are playing with
each other, merging in new realities.


The scene will open in a space inhabited by a singular entity flowing in the
From this picture two individualities are generated.
Following the rhythm and the textures of their body, they will develop
abstract pictures in space, where original characters are in dialog with concrete
pulsations, and actions.
Different archetype are revealed in the shadow of the two bodies.
Through symmetry we reach a so called “trans” state and through asymmetrical
pathways we create freer dynamics, inhabiting our surrounding. We recognize our
individuality interacting, swapping roles, playing with each others energies and
physical bodies. We love, fight, separate to find again the

Lenght: 30 min.

Mittwoch 09. Dezember
ab 22Uhr

die Musiktherapeuten

auf der Couch: dr.dr.Jri & dipl.psych.MissVergnügen

Donnerstag 10. Dezember
ab 22Uhr

Dj: Betty Stürmer

Betty Party aka Betty Stürmer, dj and artist,  child of the 90's where she became famous
with dj everybody happening and her clubart shows in berlin underground locations is djing
since 1997, her intense dj sets  are crossing  musical borders and bringing our collage age
to the point!

Freitag 11. Dezember ab 22Uhr

Surreal Time

Dj: Umo & Dj Ego

Samstag 12. Dezember
ab 21Uhr!

Geoffroy Dabrock - Live

"Der in Berlin lebende Sänger und Jazzposaunist Geoffroy Dabrock singt Chansons von Brel,
Brassens, Vian… auf Französisch, seiner zweiten Muttersprache.
Er erweckt die kinoreif gezeichneten Figuren Jacques Brels, den poetischen Antikonformismus
von Georges Brassens, den leichtfüßigen Protest von Boris Vian und die feinsinnige Provokation
Serge Gainsbourgs zum Leben.
Hierbei steht ihm der virtuose Pianist Micha Hoppe zur Seite.
Gemeinsam flößen sie dem literarischen Chanson neuen Saft ein, mit viel Empathie und ohne Kompromisse.
Erleben Sie dieses leidenschaftliche Duo am 12. Dezember 2015, 21:00 im Eschschloraque Rümschrümp.“


Dj: Cellcius

DJ Cellsius brings on an original vinyl mix of swinging funk, funky swing, jazzy hip hop, underground breaks,
Zen - like rocksteady/roots/dub tunes
and sweaty rockabilly and funky rock, spiced up with some DIY Cellsius
remixes and random underground songs of the past, present and future.'

Dienstag 15. Dezember
ab 23Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

Dancer: Kira Metzler

Kira is an contemporary dancer.
Educated in various styles, starting to specialize in musicals and shows;
realizing the passion to be a contemporary/modern dancer and going through
physical theater experiences.

„I would say I am a contemporary dancer who developed a passion in many
types of dance. I love dance and all its diversities.
I am keen to explore and share. I like to go into movements, discovering
organic initial points and the extends in physicalities. „

Mittwoch 16. Dezember ab 22Uhr

Hot Tunes for Cool Cats

Djs: Bronson & MissVergnügen

Freitag 18. Dezember
ab 22Uhr

Barox birthday Bash

Barox on the mix plus Friends DJ sets

Mittwoch 23. Dezember
ab 22Uhr

MissVergnügen o.h.o.(on her own)

Donnerstag 24. Dezember
ab 22Uhr

Dj´s: ED2000 + Vela

Mittwoch 30.Dezember ab 22Uhr

Last chance to dance on a wednesday in 2015

Dj/ne: Jri & MissVergnügen


"Bande a Part"

(Veranstaltung für Außenseiter)

Fotocred: Henryk Weiffenbach
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Anmeldung bei Caro unter:
caro (at) oder: 0172 / 2946548

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