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  rosenthaler str 39, 10178 berlin - mitte


Nach wie vor hat die Kaffeekaschemme täglich ab 14 Uhr geöffnet; hier gibts lecker Kaffee und wer mag schlürft ein Likörchen.
Erholt Euch bei Kaffeespezialitäten,  Erfrischungsgetränken und ausgewählten Cocktails vom Mittestress.


16. September, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part
-Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter-

Tänzer: Luana Rosetti

zeitgenössischer Tanz

Start: 23 Uhr
Eintritt: 4€

Mittwoch, 17. September, ab 18 Uhr

Danke der ESCHSCHCREW für 1 Jahr warmes Nest!
Abschieds- und Geburtstagssingsalon: 18 - 21 Uhr
- Im Humboldthain Club geht's ab Oktober weiter -
Kontakt + Infos Singsalon:

Ab 22 UHr

Strange Songs for Strange People

on the couch: Dj's Jri & MissVergnügen

Freitag, 19. September, ab 22 Uhr

The Byzantines (Live)

The Byzantines, an indie-electronic-rock band conceived in nightlife from the sordid
shady streets of Adelaide, Australia.

An emerging local force, the band are described as having a predominantly  British feel
reminiscent of Primal Scream and early Kasabian. 
The five piece are a result of late nights and fast times spent around Adelaide. They come
from a variety of musical backgrounds in producing an excellent blend of electronic based
music, with strands of psych-rock and pop intertwined.
The boys have spent the last 12 months earning their stripes on the Adelaide live circuit,
releasing debut EP 'ColourVision', and collecting a slew of local and interstate support credits
along acts such as The Belligerents, Conics, The Infants, Sincerely Grizzly and Pigeon.
In late 2013 the band were also selected to perform at Revolver Bandroom (Vic) as the interstate
feature act for the ‘Melbourne Fresh Industry Showcase’.

Their debut EP 'ColourVision,’ released in October of 2013 was engineered by Matt Hills  (Fire! Santa
Rosa, Fire!, Wolf & Cub) at Hillside Studios. The band enlisted the talents of Adelaide’s own Luke
Godson (The Swiss, Luke Million) on production duties, giving their already attitude-laden sound that
extra punch. It has been described by Music SA as “a brilliant blend of synth, fuzz bass, driving beats
and well structured arrangements.”


Dj: Sheila Chipperfield

Once in charge of Elastica's low frequency oscillations and hailing from
London, Sheila Chipperfield is now a dancefloor botherer all over Europe
and is a resident on the Berlin club scene with her mix of electro/house and
oddball things she finds in the trash. She has been known to cause
mischief with people like Peaches/Yo Majesty/The Fall/Damon Albarn on a
number of occasions but with no serious injuries. It has never been her motivation
to appeal to the chin-strokers at the bar as these people have no friends.

Samstag, 20. September, ab 22 Uhr

Sonic Warriors United Showcase

IN THE MIX: Sprawl [ Jana Clemen & Denard Henry ] • Fulda / N.Y.C / SWU

LIVE: C - Dex • Frankfurt / SWU / X-Lab

Sprawl is a D.j / Live performance act powered by Denard Henry aka Sonic Architect
& Jana Clemen aka Abstract Soul established in 2003. This project probes the
plethora of underground musical styles.

C – Dex live performance is a mixture of techno, dark-electro and many new influences
from the underground / independent music scenes.

For this night SWU is calling all Berlin Sonic Seekers, to come early and stay late for a
night powered by underground electronic dance music classics / future classics in perfect
symbiosis and to, expect the unexpected!

Music Downloads:

Mittwoch, 24. September, ab 22 Uhr

Hot Tunes for Cool Cats

Selectoresses: Miss Danger
(Club Separee) & MissVergnügen

Donnerstag, 25. September, ab 22 Uhr

Get The Funk Out Of My Face

Dj: Andrew Mc Ginn

Freitag, 26. September, ab 22 Uhr

O'henn & Andrade
Vinyl only night

Samstag, 27. September, ab 22 Uhr

Pauls Party

Dj: Kenshi der Japaner

Sonntag, 28. September, ab 22 Uhr

Dj/Vj: Safy Sniper

Dienstag, 30. September, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

Performer: Furutani Michiyasu

Start: 23 Uhr

Eintritt: 4€

Donnerstag, 02. Oktober, ab 22 Uhr

Dj: Al Chem
Rare/ Primitive/ Remixes

Freitag, 3. Oktober, ab 22 Uhr


Nico Lindner
Dom Wilms

TimeCoderz aka Nico Lindner & Dom Wilms.

When those two guys where introduced to each other partying in a shady
Berlin bar in 2009, they both already had 20+ years on the wheels of
steel under their belt, rocking clubs throughout Europe, enjoying
endless nights of addictive grooves and pure party mayhem.
Yet, after they thought they've seen it all, they were totally blown
away to discover that when they team up, the sum is even greater than
its parts - think of pouring water into hot oil, Mentos in a Coke
Bottle, or Nitro & Glycerin!

Enjoy a thrilling night of two guys mixing themselves into trouble and
back again, constantly pushing the limit of what the usual grumpy Berlin
DJ scene define as credible, quoting the Joker's "Why so serious?!" just
by the sheer madness of track selection. From Deep to Tech, from
hilarious to dead serious, expect a set like a true rollercoaster ride.

Dienstag, 07. Oktober, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

Performer: Oren Lazovski

Start: 23 Uhr
Eintritt: 4€

Donnerstag, 09. Oktober, ab 22 Uhr

The Bar Sinister - Live

The Bar Sinister is a soul-rock band based in Berlin. Well-known for their passionate
live performances, the group write songs which are dramatic and memorable. Their music,
which they describe as pop-soul-theatre, is cleverly arranged in the pop format, as if each
piece were a mini-musical.

Andrew (the English vocalist)
Frank (the American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter)
Katrin/Woody (the German soul singer and Keyboard player)
Mischo (the Serbian bass man)
Nisse (the drummer from Sweden)

Freitag, 10. Oktober, ab 22 Uhr

Dj: Vela

Wandering through different Art-forms (Painting, Avant-Garde Performance Art, 
Costume, Graphic Design, Experimental Music), Vela finally decided to  surrender
to her love of Dance Music and make her strong-hold in Djing  and has stayed true
to it since 1998.

Playing across Europe, in India, Japan, USA, Brazil  and UK, has given her a lot of
wonderful Music experiences, which she transports into her compositions, both as a
Producer and Remixer of  Electronic dance tracks and as the Music Director and
Composer for different Theatre performances.

Her dance tracks have come out on Dangerous Drums Recordings, Moving Target Records
and Pale Music, a remix she did  for ADIDAS was used in their advertising campaign for the
football WC 2006. She is currently working on further remixes for a diverse range of up and
coming international bands and producers.

She runs a monthly radio show together with colleague Ann M Cazal on Berlin’s top station BLN FM
and also the very successful (since 1999!) Dangerous  Drums party series, together with Ed2000.

Samstag, 11. Oktober, ab 22 Uhr

Birthday Party!

Dj: Umo Parker
and guests t.b.a

Freitag, 17. Oktober, ab 22 Uhr

Michael Forrest - Live

Michael Forrest composes, arranges and performs the best bits of the least boring
genres of music, all filtered through pop song technology into live improvisation. He
puts toys and touch-screens at the service of his dance floor wobbling songwriting,
playing post-electronic, post-rock and post-marketable music.
See and hear more at

Dienstag, 21. Oktober, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

Tänzer: Hana Riegerova
orientalischer Feu8ertanz

Start: 23 Uhr
Eintritt: 4€

30. Oktober, ab 22 Uhr
Dj: Betty
Dubstep, Afrobeat, Soul, Nu Latin & Jazz MashUp!

Betty Party aka Betty Stürmer, dj and artist,  child of the 90's where she became famous
with dj everybody happening and her clubart shows in berlin underground
locations is djing since 1997, her intense dj sets are crossing  musical borders and bringing
our collage age to the point!

31. Oktober, ab 22 Uhr

Dj: Denize Swan

Denise has been DJing for over 12 years now and has an undeniable passion
for House Music. At the age of 18, she made her first experiences at legendary
Casino and Beatstreet in Berlin. In her DJ-sets, she connects the origin of Detroit-House
to Techno and deeper sounds.

Over the last few years, she has played at various clubs all across Europe such as
Rex Club Paris, L’ambassade Lyon, Arena Club, Watergate, Cookies, Club Masters
Zagreb and many more. In 2010, Denise became residency on the Berlin electronic music
focused TV and Radio TwenFM.


"Bande a Part"

(Veranstaltung für Außenseiter)

Fotocred: Henryk Weiffenbach
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Anmeldung bei Caro unter:
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