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Nach wie vor hat die Kaffeekaschemme täglich ab 14 Uhr geöffnet; hier gibts lecker Kaffee und wer mag schlürft ein Likörchen.
Erholt Euch bei Kaffeespezialitäten,  Erfrischungsgetränken und ausgewählten Cocktails vom Mittestress.


Dienstag, 19. Mai, 22 Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

Dani meets Sara: LIGHTBEAT

photo credits: Pascal Miet

"It is a journey in a time container.
Two creatures are building a complicity in an ongoing negotiated balance
between darkness and light.
This delicate process of discovery starts only from a single spot of a
headlight. It is growing, evolving and gets constantly mirrored by the two
A glimpse into an endless timeline, it is happening and at the same time
already gone."

"Dani meets Sara" is a Performance Duo founded by Daniela Marcozzi (IT)
and Sarah Kuster (CH).
They are working and performing in the field of movement research and
physical expression, based in Berlin since 2013.

Their way of research is coming from a strong complicity which has been
established thanks to their common believe in the authenticity of movement
and pure stage presence. They consider the curiosity and playful mood as
an honest starting point for motion and as creators of a fertile
background to work on. They collaborated already with the musician Eldar
Baruch and showed their previous work "Look in Progress" and "The Circle
of a Light" in several venues in Berlin.


Music composed by "I can see sound"(Achilleas Sourlas & Panos Voulgaris)

Start: 23.00 Uhr
Eintritt: 4 €

20. Mai, 22 Uhr

Marvellous Music for May

on the couch : Dj Bronson & MissVergnügen

21. Mai, 22 Uhr

DJ Valentine (Sofia, BG)

DJ Valentine is one of the pioneers of the electronic dance music scene
in Bulgaria since 1990´s He has defined the underground scene in Sofia
and he is still one of the very few DJs doing so.

22. Mai, 22 Uhr

Dj´s: Nicoletti Brothers (Music please)

23. Mai, 22 Uhr

Dj: bojan.
experimental Techno

Dani Extraperlando
Visual Madrid

24. Mai, 16-21 Uhr

SINGSALON GROSCHEN: Exercises In Free Love

Im wunderschönen Monat Mai gastiert SINGSALON GROSCHEN am Sonntag,
den 24.5. 
von 16:00 - 21:00 Uhr im ESCHSCHLORAQUE. Alles wie gehabt:
Songlisten liegen aus. SingalongSongbons ebenso. Gesungen wird, was in 5 Stunden
reinpasst. Einzige Neuerung: der SingsalonGroschenTeppich wandert von der Tanzfläche
auf die Bühne. Es schadet also keineswegs, sich ein bisschen schick zu machen.
In alter Frische, Anita


Sonntag, 24. Mai, 22 Uhr

Bloody Sunday

Dj: Psychotic Simon

26. Mai, 22 Uhr

 Bande á Part
 - Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

Coco Clownesse

"Stimmgewaltig besingt Coco Clownesse in ihrem Liedgut Sehnsüchte, gebrochene
Herzen und Großstadtneurosen. Als Meisterin der Zotenkunst neckt sie das
Publikum und zelebriert mit Hingabe die schamlose Parodie."

Start: 23.00 Uhr
Eintritt: 4 €

27. Mai, 22 Uhr

Strange Songs for Spring

on the couch : Dj Jri & MissVergnügen

28. Mai, 22 Uhr

Dj: Anner

29. Mai, 22 Uhr


Dj: Andre Herzig

30. Mai, 22 Uhr

Designed by Accident

Shazam aka Elmo Levis

123 Comics

Unser nächster Gastselector genießt längst diplomatische Imunität : DJ SHAZAM aka
Elmo Lewis serviert uns das Beste aus 60 Jahren musikalischer Globalisierung. In den
90ern entdeckte er den Asian Underground für Berlin. Mit Bands wie Nomad Soundsystem
und Culture Clash hat er den Sound live auf die Bühne gebracht.
Der Abend verspricht also jede Menge Groove und Exotica. Natürlich VINYL ONLY !

31. Mai, 22 Uhr

DJ/ VJ; Safy Sniper

, 03. Juni, ab 22 Uhr

MissVergnügen presents:


Die Animal Cops berühren spielend das Unterbewusstsein - wie ein Fakir das Feuer: sind
die Menschen die eigentlichen Tiere? Wo liegt die Freiheit: vor oder hinter dem Zaun?
Die Animal Cops gehen auf die spannende musikalische Jagd, um sich selbst auf den
Schwanz zu treten.

Dj/ne : Peer Gregorius & MissVergnügen

Donnerstag, 04. Juni, ab 22 Uhr

Dub Interventions, the legacy of Empire Windrush..
DJ ED2000

dj ed2000s “ohrwurm fabrik” is a space where sound sytem and tonstudio
meet with the quest toward illumination. it is here that he has been busily
 producing his own new definitions of those tracks he loves, be they from the
distant past, the present, or indeed possible futures and regardless of style or
genre. Something that takes elements of live, dj, remix, re edit and composition
has evolved out of EDs
IN:BETWEEN project.

As a radio show at BLN.FM it is a showcase for his recording output, attendant
ideas and observations. paralell to this , he has been gathering up original dub
resources far and wide, as the legacy of the empire windrush grows ever more
present and ever more relevant.

radio sets:

Samstag, 06. Juni, ab 22 Uhr

*TOKYO art crossing BERLIN Exhibition opening after party

DJ: Daisuke PAK, Gahshi, Nagumo vol.1

Live: iku sakan

Dienstag, 09. Juni, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part "Tokyo Art Cosplay & Animation"
Art Cosplay improvisation performance and animation video intersect.

ART COSOLAY / Park Nahyun ,Isana Yamada, Haruka Hiramatsu, ritmico, ii-fake
ANIMATION / ESORA, Hajime Sato, SUN YALEI, MizukaTanimoto, Ayaka Nakamura, Hikari Page
VJ / Ayaka Nakamura

time : 22:00 door open 23:00 start

This is a part of the exhibition Tokyo art crossing Berlin in neurotitan Gallery

Mittwoch, 10. Juni, ab 22 Uhr

Miss Vergnügen presents:

Bob Rutman meets Mushimaru & Kousei
with special Guest
: Ingo Reulecke (tanz)

Bob Rutman : Bow chime
Mushimaru Fujieda : Butoh
Kousei Yamamoto : Japanise bamboo flute
Guest Dancer: Ingo Reulecke

Dj/ne :  Miss Vergnügen & Jri

Bob :
Mushimaru :
Kousei :

Mushimaru&Kosei's Workshop 7-9 June:

Open Space Berlin

Dienstag, 16. Juni, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part "Berlin x NY"

Online Audio Visual Dance Performance by  Jun Ando ( NY) + Ayako Toyama ( Berlin )

Experimental conversation of two artists.
The reality of a space connect with the other reality in cyberspace. Beyond the realms and
the distance, apply the signalized languages, the two attempt to create a dialogue.

time : 22:00 door open  23:00 start

This event is a part of the exhibition: TOKYO art crossing BERLIN in neurotitan Gallery

Sonntag, 21. Juni, ab 17 Uhr!

Fête de la Musique - wir sind dabei!


17:00 Betrunken (Punk Rock)

18:15 Punk Rock Boys (Punk Rock)

19:30 Astral Tide (Post Punk)

21:00 Bar Sinister (Soul Rock)


Stell dir vor: Damals, also früher, vor einiger Zeit sozusagen...
einerseits noch nicht lange her, aber trotzdem schon lange her.
Und jetzt sind wa da: Betrunken!

Punk Rock Boys

Drei bis vier grölende Boys in Feinrippunterhemden toben auf der Bühne im choreographischen
Einklang zu Klassikern der Punk Rock Geschichte. Schlager werden mit der Brechstange bearbeitet,
bis sie in das Korsett der verzerrten Gitarre passen. Schweiß, Wut, Pogo, Aggressionen, Freude und
Alkohol sind bei dieser Band der treibende Motor.

Astral Tide

Astral Tide are a Berlin based 5-piece post-punk band with members from England, Italy,
Denmark and Germany. The rhythm section moved from London to Berlin with a strong
concept, setting up a studio and forming the group.
They recorded their first track at Golden Retriever in Kreuzberg in late 2014, setting the bar
for what would follow, what they jokingly call 'dream-punk'; a swaying blend of brash
energy, intensity and melody mixed with ethereal dark dream pop, krautrock and
psychedelia. A distinctive vocal delivery of conscious and subversive lyrics reflecting these
untrusting times of fear ties it all together, swimming amongst swirling frantic rhythms.
First online in December, “From Under the Cloud” was received well with radio plays in 4
countries. Since then Astral Tide have recorded two more tracks, the first of which
“Glimpses” will be premiered in March.
Astral Tide are currently booking European shows for the summer, their first ever will be at
Schokoladen in Berlin, on Saturday 25th April.

Bar Sinister

The Bar Sinister is a soul-rock band based in Berlin. Well-known for their passionate
live performances, the group write songs which are dramatic and memorable. Their music,
which they describe as pop-soul-theatre, is cleverly arranged in the pop format, as if each
piece were a mini-musical.

Andrew (the English vocalist)
Frank (the American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter)
Katrin/Woody (the German soul singer and Keyboard player)
Mischo (the Serbian bass man)

Nisse (the drummer from Sweden)

mit freundlichen
Unterstützung von:

Jameson Irisch Whiskey, Pilsner Urquell und Schweppes

d fasf


"Bande a Part"

(Veranstaltung für Außenseiter)

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