täglich ab 14 Uhr
  rosenthaler str 39, 10178 berlin - mitte


Nach wie vor hat die Kaffeekaschemme täglich ab 14 Uhr geöffnet; hier gibts lecker Kaffee und wer mag schlürft ein Likörchen.
Erholt Euch bei Kaffeespezialitäten,  Erfrischungsgetränken und ausgewählten Cocktails vom Mittestress.


23.08.2014 ist Sommerfest im Haus Schwarzenberg!
Programm und info hier!


Liebe Singsalondamen und -herren,
Letzte Mitsinggelegenheit bis zum Herbst: 15. 06.14, 16 - 21 Uhr!
Wer über den Sommer SINGSALONBESUCH bekommen will, z. B. in der Uckermark,
oder schlicht auf dem Laufenden gehalten sein will, kontaktiere ANITA GROSCHEN via Facebook.
Freu mich auf Euch diesen Sonntag und: Wir hören uns! ANITA GROSCHEN

Mittwoch, 23. Juli, ab 22 Uhr

MissVergnügen presents:


UK & Brazil based Tropical Lips produces a striking sound which reveals diverse influences
ranging from nu-wave and disco to soul, funk and afrobeat.

& on the decks:  MissVergnügen

Donnerstag, 24. Juli, ab 22 Uhr

Dj: Betty Party
cutting through  Dubstep/HipHop/Afrobeat/NuLatin/BrokenSoul/DrumnBass

Betty Party aka Betty Stürmer, dj and artist,  child of the 90's where she became famous
with dj everybody happening and her clubart shows in berlin underground locations is djing
since 1997, her intense dj sets crossing  musical borders and bringing our collage age to the

Freitag, 25. Juli, ab 22 Uhr


Samstag, 26. Juli, ab 22 Uhr

Adrian Vom Hove

Sonntag, 27. Juli, ab 22 Uhr

Get The Funk Out Of mMy Face

Andrew Mc Ginn
mixing funky coctails & Shaking phunky music

Mittwoch, 30. Juli, ab 22 Uhr

die Me-How?

31. Juli, ab 22 Uhr

Dj: Smokey Eye

03. August, ab 22 Uhr

Dj/Vj: Safy Sniper

06. August, ab 22 Uhr

die urlaubsvertretung

die Me-How?


13. August, ab 22 Uhr

MissVergnügen`s Birthdayparty!!

mit FABELS (AUS) live!!

- guitar-loop based atmosheric electro-psyche-pop

dj/ne: JRI & MissVergnügen & surprise guests

Donnerstag, 14. August, ab 22 Uhr

Cascao & Lady Maru - Live

Cascao & Lady Maru are a quirky-electro-duo, coming from the saucy-punk-no-wave scene
of the aethernal Rome. Cascao is a freaky dancer and producer, Lady Maru is a dj and no wave-punk
musician in the bizarre roman underground: they started their work togheter in 2008 and it quickly
turned into a wacky-dancey live act, with guitar, synthie, some live samples and percussions... funny
tribalism and poppy arty melodies :they have already toured around europe a couple of times ..  in Berlin
they met Khan of "i'm single records"…he took them on his label , at first with 2 singles and remixes,
and in december 2011, with their first full lenghth album "Gong" , postproduced and mixed by Rodion(Gomma rec.) 
One other single came out the 23rd of December 2011 , the Modern Conception, on Glamnight Records
a nice roman electro-house label, running some great busy electro nights.  Time for a new release now,
"Spleenism" is their second work : pop, funky but slightly dark...maybe evoking talking heads,
the residents and the proto wave stuff....

Freitag, 15. August, ab 22 Uhr


TimeCoderz aka Nico Lindner & Dom Wilms.

When those two guys where introduced to each other partying in a shady
Berlin bar in 2009, they both already had 20+ years on the wheels of
steel under their belt, rocking clubs throughout Europe, enjoying
endless nights of addictive grooves and pure party mayhem.
Yet, after they thought they've seen it all, they were totally blown
away to discover that when they team up, the sum is even greater than
its parts - think of pouring water into hot oil, Mentos in a Coke
Bottle, or Nitro & Glycerin!

Enjoy a thrilling night of two guys mixing themselves into trouble and
back again, constantly pushing the limit of what the usual grumpy Berlin
DJ scene define as credible, quoting the Joker's "Why so serious?!" just
by the sheer madness of track selection. From Deep to Tech, from
hilarious to dead serious, expect a set like a true rollercoaster ride.

Freitag, 22. August, ab 22 Uhr

haus schwarzenberg / eschschloraque Sommerfest

eschschloplastique meets #chilloutberlin special

audiovisual performance / installations by the liquid sky berlin / lsb_TV family
on 3 floors including open air area - start 21:00

ed 2000 (eschschloraque / tresor /
mijk van dijk (microglobe / roter punkt / liquid sky berlin)
uli sigg (liquid sky berlin / lsb.TV)
dr walker (eschschloraque / lsb.TV / liquid sky berlin)
omsk information (liquid sky berlin / lsb.TV)
maya von der nebel (liquid sky berlin / lsb.TV)
sunny (liquid sky berlin / lsb.TV / moorgeister)
sheldon drake (liquid sky berlin / lsb.TV)
monsieur fleury (liquid sky berlin)
adsx (liquid sky berlin / lsb.TV)
cyn:apse (liquid sky berlin / lsb.TV)

style: ambient / experimental music / drone / new school triphop / electronic dub / tech-dub / treptowbass

Samstag, 23. August, ab 14 Uhr 

Sommerfest in der Höfe von Haus Schwarzenberg!

Führungen, Workshops, Performances, Live Acts, Dj´s, Ausstellungen, Happenings, Visuals, Food, Coctails and more.

Live draußen:

° The London Dirthole Company

photocred: Neil Fraser

The music made by THE LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANY is a rollercoaster ride into the world
of the modern outsider artist as a musical phenomenom. As out of time and place and unreservedly
important as The Fall, The Stingrays, Pussy Galore, The Monks and The Velvet Underground.
THE LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANY forge an uptempo, thundering garage pop hybrid
that is inexplicably brutal yet sensitive.
The drama is played out by a forever changing line-up onstage and in the studio, keeping everything
vibrant and upbeat. THE LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANY is an utterly engrossing group
of individual personalities that perform with up to 4 drummers, 4 guitarists, bass and occasional
sax backing the vocals. A trimmed down line-up will be the more regular touring set-up for obvious
practical reasons.
Their magical weaving of classic tunes with this radically fresh approach has earned them respect
from peers and punters alike in their London stomping grounds, with a dynamic live show offering
relentless entertainment as they switch singers like an old music hall act. Their outsider credentials
are further scorched in their ongoing collaborations with Sexton Ming, members of Thee Headcoatees
and Armitage Shanks.
A new album THE SOUNDING ALLEY TAPES is out now on limited edition vinyl on Squoodge
Records (Berlin) with the CD version on PHONO EROTIC (UK)

Jazzmin Tutum & Joe Killi

Nujazz 'n Dub Soul with Spoken Word Performance. Jazzmin Tutum w/Joe Killi ( Guitarrist and multi-instrumentalist).
Dub vibes aus Jamaika und Nujazz terrains von Japan nach West Africa. Rezitation, Gesang, Inszenierung und
. Spheric Dub Poetry with a Nujazz
'n Dub Soul ensteht aus eine hypnotische Rhythmusgebilde mit

Guitarren Klänge und soundscapes.

° Dj: Sheila Chipperfield

Once in charge of Elastica's low frequency oscillations and hailing from
London, Sheila Chipperfield is now a dancefloor botherer all over Europe
and is a resident on the Berlin club scene with her mix of electro/house and
oddball things she finds in the trash. She has been known to cause
mischief with people like Peaches/Yo Majesty/The Fall/Damon Albarn on a
number of occasions but with no serious injuries. It has never been her motivation
to appeal to the chin-strokers at the bar as these people have no friends.

Draussen im Hof (Wände):

° audiovisual performance / installations by the liquid sky berlin / lsb_TV family

° Fotoscreening von J.Jackie Baier 

Die Berliner Photographin J.Jackie Baier ist auch Filmemacherin.
„House of Shame“, ihr Film über die gleichnamige Party und ihre Veranstalterin Chantal lief
2011 auf der 61. Berlinale in der Reihe „Panorama“.
Baiers jüngster Dokumentarfilm „Julia“ wurde bei den 70. Internationalen Filmfestspielen in
Venedig 2013 uraufgeführt und kommt im Herbst auch in die deutschen Kinos.

Draussen im Hof :

° Breeda C.C und Frl. Winter mit den Perfomance „ Strohmann“

°SR & Company - Tanzperformance

Sandra Becker- Performance: a line is a line

° MFC - Music Food Concept
Die italienische Redewendung vom "Dolce Vita" ist dem Nordosteuropäer in seiner
Komplexität nicht gänzlich zugänglich machbar.
Es geht um mehr als gutes ausgedehntes Essen. Es ist eine Form der Geselligkeit,
der Gesellschaft, Kommunikation und Kultur.
Gemeinsam meint in diesem Fall nicht zu zweit sondern "mit vielen", wird gelacht,
gekocht, gezungen, gegessen, diskutiert und musiziert.
Duch das Food Musik Concept sollten die gestressten Bewohner dieser vibrierenden
Stadt eine Form der entspannten Lebensfreude verstehen lernen. Auch oder vielleicht
sogar vor allem in ihrem eigenen Interesse.

Voudookitchen - Food

Drinnen ( Eschschloraque) ab 00Uhr:

° Mab Cardoso - Performance

° Queer Riot Club - Performance und Party :

 -  "PiPi SM" aka "Psycho Petting Sound Massaker"

 - Jack Genderfuck & Emy Femme

+ einem Überraschungsakt

Dazu im Haus:

° Superclub Blockparty

° Sniper Club

°  Kino Central
FunPorn Loop & 70s Porn Trailer Loopand Musique de la Fraicheur (Lounge)

° Das Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt und die Gedenkstätte Stille Helden :
15.00 - 16.00 Führung durch die Gedenkstätte Stille Helden (mit dem Zeitzeugenehepaar Petra und Franz Michalski)
16.00 - 17.00 Führung durch das Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt
17.00 - 18.00  Führung durch die Gedenkstätte Stille Helden (mit dem Zeitzeugenehepaar Petra und Franz Michalski)
18.00 - 19.00  Führung durch das Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt

° Anne Frank Zentrum:
In der Ausstellung  »Anne Frank. Hier & heute« werden wir zwei Workshops für Kinder und Jugendlichen anbieten:
um 14 Uhr »Schreib' einen Brief an Anne« und um 16 Uhr eine Begleitung durch die Ausstellung.
Die Teilnahme an den Workshops ist für Kinder und Jugendliche kostenlos.

° Neurotitan
Trash Art Deluxe und die Macht der Freien Szene - Ausstellung
Anra  frisst  krieg eat art -  installation
Trash Queen >Uns gehört die Stadt!<  - Performance - Regie ADLER A.F.

Mehr Programm kommt!

28. August, ab 22 Uhr 

Dj: Lady Maru

Lady Maru, started playing music in 1994 in underground indiepost punk no-wave bands .
She started djing in Rome in 2003 for clubs and basement parties. Her sound has always
varied between harder techno, deeper techno and underground house..
Apart from a wide post punk and techno background she likes motown and soul music ,
as well as tropical oldies, mambo and swing.
Nowadays she works as a dj twice a week, mostly in Italy and keeps on playing
in 2 /3 live projects with which she keeps on touring

29. August, ab 22 Uhr 

Designed By Accident vs We Are...

DJs (We Are... / Strut)
Cla:st:x (CCCB / DBA / Eschschloraque)


Live Visuals by 123 Comics
We are very exited to welcome one of the most eclectic and tasty  DJs in town:
vinyl and music lover Mr (We Are.../Strut).
Not only does he look like the young Giles Peterson, he also got the taste!
Being one of the driving forces behind the We Are... events and radio show,
he also represents London digger label Strut, worked for K7 (DJ Kicks!), Compost,
Sonar Collective, the De:Bug magazine and OYÉ record store. Known for his
classy selection, he has been playing with almost any future player in the
game: Jazzanova, Henry Schwarz, Bugs in the Attic, Goldie, Storm, Jimi Tenor,
Herbalizer. The list goes on and on. So exspect the unexpected...
With resdident DJ Cla:st:x delivering his own version of vinyl extravaganza and
VJ 123 Comics' live on screen drawing action, you're in for a tread of a different kind !  
Stiles : Advanced club beats, rare grooves... and all that jazz !

Dienstag, 02. September, ab 22 Uhr

Band á Part presents:

The Knuckle up Cabaret

03. September, ab 22 Uhr

Miss Vergnügen presents:

Butterfly + MZ SUNDAY LUV (live)


"Bande a Part"

(Veranstaltung für Außenseiter)

Fotocred: Henryk Weiffenbach
Bande á Part auf Facebook

Anmeldung bei Caro unter:
caro (at) oder: 0172 / 2946548

Rosenthaler Str. 39 - 2. Hinterhof
10178 Berlin - Mitte

S-Bahn Hackescher Markt
U-Bahn 8 Weinmeisterstraße

Täglich ab 14 Uhr
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