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Nach wie vor hat die Kaffeekaschemme täglich ab 14 Uhr geöffnet; hier gibts lecker Kaffee und wer mag schlürft ein Likörchen.
Erholt Euch bei Kaffeespezialitäten,  Erfrischungsgetränken und ausgewählten Cocktails vom Mittestress.


Dienstag 06.Oktober
ab 23Uhr


“As soundtrack on a videotape does, the Mechanical Tales accompany the
listener through their emotional imaginary. Sound and images create a
spectacle of vivid suggestion.”

Music by The Mechanical Tales

“A tale about the touristic city through the daily repeated gestures. The
detail’s close-up image dematerialises and reassembles in a choreography
of colored pixels. In themeantime, remote and invisible security cameras
film from above the continuous flow of not quite decipherable
shapes.Gradually, the city empties, and people’s gestures are replaced by
the automatic movements of what remains after their passage.”

Visuals by Eleonora Sovrani

Duration of the performance: 45 minutes

THE MECHANICAL TALES is a multi-instrumental trio: Lucia Violetta Gasti,
Juliette and Lloyd Sinatra switch their roles among guitar, bass, violin,
keyboards, effects, harmonium and percussions. The trio collaborates with
different visual artists, among whom the animator and illustrator Michele
Ber nardi (music for short films) and Anna Givani, creator of the
analogical machine for live animations, The Bloom Machine. The most recent
creation is the music-video performance with Eleonora Sovrani, fine artist
and practitioner, whose research focuses on the relationships between
visual language, social dynamics and artistic practice. These are some
references about festivals and events in which the trio took part: with
Anna Givani · “Moving Silence” at the Theatre Verdi, Pordenone - 2012 ·
WOO (Or) “I ciliegi fioriscono ad ottobre e io divento più giovane”
contemporary artexhibition, Cervignano -2012 · K3 Film Festival Udine,
Villach - 2013 with Eleonora Sovrani · Festival Delle Arti in Giudecca,
Venice -2014 · Garden State Festival at Fondamenta Nuove Theatre, Venice -
2014 · Erbacea Festival, Italian/Slovenian border - 2014 The musicians
belong to Friuli Venezia Giulia’s experimental music sphere. They play in
the bands Cameramia and Flum, and they individually collaborate with other
cultural realities, as theatre (soundtrack composition for the play
“Risveglio di Primavera, with Franco Visioli) and contemporary dance.

ELEONORA SOVRANI was born in Ferrara in 1984. She studied Visual Arts at
the IUAV University of Venice and Berlin’s Universität der Künste. In 2010
she graduated in Visual and Multimedia at the IUAV University of Venice
and she worked as a researcher and curator for Wolfgang Scheppe’s
Done.Book project, which has been presented at the Great Britain Pavillion
on the 12th Biennale of Architecture in Venice. In 2012 she took part at
the art residence at the Bains Connective arts centre in Bruxelles, and in
2014 at the Bevilacqua La Masa art residence in Venice. She collaborated
with the belgian collective (SIC) in the 55th Art Biennale in Venice. She
organizes art events and has took part in group exhibitions in Venice,
Berlin, Beirut, Bruxelles and Melbourne. She currently lives in Venice.

Start: 11 pm

Mittwoch 07.Oktober
ab 22Uhr

MissVergnügen presents:

Elektro Experimenteller Avantgarde Pop

„Wohin es geht? Wir wissen es nicht!"
Sie machen einfach.
Deutsche und englische Texte werden gerappt, gesungen, gesprochen und
geflüstert, mit Tiefgang und Humor.


Gesang,Casio allerlei und Sounds LILIAN-MARIA

Sprechgesang Korg allerlei und Sounds JIM ANDERS

Dj: Miss Vergnügen

Dj ab 22 Uhr
Band ab 23Uhr

Donnerstag 08.Oktober ab 22Uhr

Dj: Reina

DJane Reina bespielt als Berliner Pflanze verschiedene Musikorte zwischen Berlin und Leipzig.
In Zusammenarbeit mit André Langenfeld bildet sie das Team ALI und veranstaltet mit DJ Kenji 451
und Richard Steel die Club Nacht FreeStyle (Café Wendel). Ihre Musik kommt v.a. von Vinyl, ist
melodiös und basslastig, also zum Geniessen wie Absteppen.

Freitag 09.Oktober ab 22Uhr

In Rahmen des Festivals "BasiliKunst-SubKultur Haupstadt" präsentiert Piatto Forte Berlin:

Live: Itaca
Neo-Italo / Nuova canzone popolare / Pop-Controcorrent

Ossi Viola (Berlin Kreuzberg, voc and bass) and  Lo Selbo (Berlin Karlshorst, voc and synth thezisers)
sing the odyssey. They met for the first time in the local church of Rome’s
Portonaccio neighborhood in 2011. Back then, Ossi lived in Rome studying sacral music.
Lo Selbo visited Rome regularly to finish his not yet published biography of Celentano.
Shortly after, Ossi and Lo were a couple and began to sing together in Itaca.
Although both live and work in Berlin, they decided to sing in the language of their first
meeting. Itaca developed their peculiar style, which is influenced by to Italian cantautori of the
 70s (Battisti, Battiato, Dalla), Europop of the 80s (Yazoo, Humal League) and
Avant-Electro of the new millennium (The Knife, Animal Collective).

After first Berlin-shows in 2013, Itaca were invited to to play the infamous Ostiapalusa
Festival in June 2014. The moment Ossi and Lo sang the chorus of Ispirami, looking
each other in the eyes, reciting their lyrics “ vediamo il cielo ruotare, come un vinile |
una ridda di mondi canta per noi | so ho un mio mondo dentro di me | Ispirami!
” the  audience bursted into an emotional hurrican; Hipsters were caressing punks, syndicalists kissing
with industrial daughters, disco chicks doing funky dances with the elderly
couple in the background. It seemed a new canzone popolare was in the air. This was
the birth of what Itaca call Neo-Italo.

Djane: Gold and Silvia (Piatto Forte)

Samstag 10.Oktober ab 22Uhr

Sonic Warriors United Night
- Come early, stay late for a night powered by electronic music classics and future classics.

Sonntag 11.Oktober ab 22Uhr

Big Big Birthday Bash

Umo Parker & Friends

Mittwoch 14.Oktober ab 22Uhr

Miss Vergnügen presents:

Strange Songs for Strange People

Dj´s: Miss Vergnügen & JRI

Samstag 17.Oktober ab 22Uhr

In Rahmen des Festivals "BasiliKunst-SubKultur Haupstadt" präsentiert Piatto Forte Berlin:

Live: Sonia Brex
electronica, jazz, lounge

by Michael Mann

Djane: Vinilette plus friends

Mittwoch 21.Oktober
ab 22Uhr

MissVergnügen o.h.o. (on her own)

Samstag 24.Oktober
ab 22Uhr

In Rahmen des Festivals "BasiliKunst-SubKultur Haupstadt" präsentiert Piatto Forte Berlin:

Live : ELEM (It)
Electronica / free Imrovisation

ELEM sees the light in 2012, during an electronic music improvisation night at "L'Asilo"
(Arts and Culture production center in Naples, Italy) .
ELEM started as an audiovisual project based on electronic music improvisation and
multimedia arts, created by Loredana Antonelli ( visuals ), Fabrizio Elvetico , Emanuele Errante
and Marco Messina (electronics) . ELEM is today an interesting novelty in the European electronic
music scene that always welcomes new experimental and inspiring projects to give new life to Art
and Music productions.

dj set: Marco Messina (99posse)

Mittwoch 28.Oktober
ab 22Uhr

Awesome Tunes for Autumn

on the couch: Coost Lardy Cake & MissVergnügen (f.k.a.VendettaSoundSystem)


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