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Foto: Henryk Weiffenbach






Mittwoch, 06. Dezember ab 21Uhr

Weird Tunes for Winter

Courtesy of the Artists

on the couch: Fehmi Baumbach & MissVergnügen

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Donnerstag, 07. Dezember ab 21Uhr

Robert DiNero x Ali en Nation

Courtesy of the Artist

Illusterer Ritt zwischen Entschleunigung und Extase.


Freitag, 08. Dezember ab 21Uhr

Vinyl Stories

Dj: Cellsius

Courtesy of the Artist

DJ Cellsius left Athens in the 90s, settled for some years in London before calling Berlin home in 2009.

Three cities and their sounds, flavors and labyrinth like cult-tour left their mark on his journalism and photography while enlarging his collection of vinyl records that was destined to spin on the Made in Japan 1210s of Berlin’s night echosystem.

Words, images and sounds got mixed up, stories needed a DJ to let them flow in 33 and 45 rounds per minute and on this Friday night he will bring in Eschschloraque a sample of his hypnotic mix of juicy funk, old school hip hop, jazzy beats, rare groove, world percussion, library music and much more.

Let the vinyl tell their stories.''

Samstag, 09. Dezember ab 21Uhr

The Dream Synopsis Vol.III

HOLLY Hunted & Lulu

Dienstag, 12. Dezember ab 21Uhr

Bande á Part

- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter – 


N o  S p a c e   R e l a t e d

by T H O M A S  R O H E

Photo: berlinlandscapes

"No Space Related" is a thought-provoking performance art piece that delves into the pressing issue of the loss of affordable living and working spaces for artists in European cities with the backdrop of gentrification. This immersive experience explores the emotional and physical struggle artists face when their creative sanctuaries are taken away, forcing them to fight for their place in the changing urban landscape.
THOMAS ROHE is a Berlin based freelance dancer and performer. He finished his studies in 2016 and has been working with numerous choreographers and small companies since then. He was part of Siciliano Contemporary Ballet (2017-2018) and KDV Dance Ensemble (2019-2022).
From 2017 to 2018 he worked as a performer for Marina Abramovic's “The Cleaner” exhibition and reperformed her and Ulay's work in Copenhagen and Cologne. Furthermore Thomas is producing his own work, such as “Self Portrait” (2019, Eschloraque Berlin), Dangerous Skin (2022, Pornceptual Berlin) and See Me? (2023, The Village Berlin). He received a funding from the NeuStartKultur in 2023 and was Artist in Residence during the Land Art Moving Biennale in Porto with his partner Tom Grand.
Thomas also works as a yoga teacher and studies sports science and english at the Humboldt University Berlin. He enjoys combining scientific and artistic research to push boundaries and create his own language as an artist.


Mittwoch, 13. Dezember ab 21Uhr

Puppe`n`Mucke - live!!

MissVergnügen presents:
Puppe`n`Mucke - live!! last chance!! (before half of the band moves to Japan)

Courtesy of the Artists

Puppe’n Mucke is a Berlin-based music and art collective, founded in 2013 by musician Raving Mad Carlos and visual artist SHOXXX. They play trashy electro pop punk music wearing huge original puppet costumes designed and hand-sewn by SHOXXX.
They mix electro beats and sounds with diverse instruments such as melodica, bongo, keyboards and guitar, often featuring guest singers and artists. The result is a very funny-to-watch-performance of crazy characters playing original enjoyable music.
The current core members of Puppe’n Mucke are: Raving Mad Carlos (Vocal, Keyboard), Luca aka Flusspluss (Guitar), Benten (Vocal) and SHOXXX (Melodica, Vocal)
In August 2022 they released a new album “Puppe’n Mucke” in digital & analog (cassette) format.


Dj: MissVergnügen

Courtesy of the Artist

MissVergnügen ist Berliner Musikerin, DJane und Schauspielerin – so umfassend ihr Talent und künstlerisches Wirken, so facettenreich sind auch die musikalischen Highlights, die sie dem Publikum im Eschschloraque bietet! Die Abende mit ihr sind im Künstlerclub mit Kultstatus längst zum festen ‚Ritual‘ geworden: Seit nunmehr 15 Jahren bespielt sie die Mittwochabende im Eschschloraque Rümschrümp – zum großen Vergnügen des Künstlerclubs und der Gäste.
Ihr Programm bietet immer wieder die Möglichkeit, Neues und Außergewöhnliches zu entdecken – mit ihr ist das Vergnügen sicher und man mag es nicht mehr missen!

Text: Vera Fischer

ab 21uhr
Live-Show 22uhr

Freitag, 15. Dezember ab 21Uhr

ZICK ZACK im Eschschloraque


Dj Passionate Bones

Courtesy of the Artist

Passionate Bones had contemplated for two years to start to spin music for the better since he moved to Berlin, due to being frustrated with the musical landscape in the scene here. He finally ended up having his rather unexpected DJ debut at the 2018 Gothic Pogo Festival. Afterwards Ankou Morgue and him created 1982 - Skeleton Limbs and Obscure Hymns, a bi-monthly night focusing on a wide range of less heavily played dancy subculture tunes. Since then he DJs all over the city, Germany and beyond wherever requests take him to spread the music he is passionate about.


Dj Moppi Galoppi

Courtesy of the Artist

Moppi Galoppi started djing with vinyl in 2010 and calls the left winged house projects, squats, trailer parks and punk bars his home. He has provided the soundtrack for countless soli parties, underground festivals and aftershows in Berlin and across Germany. The sets are thoughtful curated and are spanning from the rebellious beats of 70s and 80s Punk and New Wave to the ethereal realms of Post Punk, Synth Pop, and Dark Wave, while always leaving room for surprises and musical diversity, making sure there's no fillers, but only killers.

Samstag, 16. Dezember ab 21Uhr

Spaghetti a Mezzanotte

Special Barox Birthday bash


Barox + Special support

Courtesy of the Artist

Disco, italo disco, electro beats


Dj: Soffy O

Courtesy of the Artist

Sofia Larsson Ocklind, professionally known as Soffy O, is a Swedish vocalist, songwriter and electronic musician living in Berlin. She is mostly known from her collaboration with the techno collective stalwarts Toktok which lead to the 2002 critically acclaimed Toktokvs.SoffyO album, with the commercial singles "Missy Queens Gonna Die" and "Day of mine". Toktokvs.SoffyO has toured occasionally ever since and intend to keep doing so.

Soffy O does occasionally pick up the guitar and play the keyboards. This resulted in the project Bathcat: a melange of hypnagogic pop and shoegaze where she involved producer Berend Intelmann and Chris Imler on drums.


Mittwoch, 20. Dezember ab 21Uhr

Crazy Tunes for Christmas

Courtesy of the Artist

on the couch: Suziecidal & MissVergnügen

Mittwoch, 27. Dezember ab 21Uhr

MissVergnügen o.h.o.

Courtesy of the Artist

Mitte der Woche und das Vergnügen ist Programm – ein klares Muss für einen außergewöhnlichen Abend im Eschschloraque!
MissVergnügen ist die Berliner DJ und Künstlerin, die wie keine andere den Mittwochabend im Eschschloraque von den Turntables aus in der Hand hat – ihre Mitte der Woche ist schon fast zu einem Ritual geworden, an dem sie jede Konvention brechende DJ-Sets präsentiert: musikalisch Außergewöhnliches, immer wieder Überraschendes oder einfach alles, was das Musik-Liebhaber-Herz begehrt – und das alles mit einem einzigartigen Gespür für die passenden Atmosphäre!

Text: Vera Fischer

Freitag, 29. Dezember ab 21Uhr


Courtesy of the Artist

This time we’ve invited a very special bird to make you fly:

DJ LadyBird combines variety of all time favorites with House, Techno and Bass Music. Her sets are unforeseeable, dynamic and a lot of fun. The main thread is House music, but it’s far from standard.

DJ LadyBird loves to rebel, revels in the different, telling her “dance stories” with tunes curated throughout her 15 plus years of Djing.

Expect enormous amounts of Soul and Power from this lady as she takes over the Eschschloraque Floor this evening!

Courtesy of the Artist

Samstag, 30. Dezember ab 21Uhr

No Tears for the Creatures of the Night

Djane Alienslut
Dj Hunkydory

Partners in life and music, they bring you the heartbeats of punk, post-punk, new wave, on vinyl only.
No fancy stuff, just real beats for real people.
Step into the world of No Tears for the Creatures of the Night, where vinyl spins and shadows dance.


Courtesy of the Artists

Freitag, 05. Januar ab 21Uhr

Dj Blinder Fleck

Courtesy of the Artist

Berlin based mélomane who invites you to musical journeys  to the underground sound from nowadays, with the finest selection from "Oldies but goodies". 

Freitag, 12. Januar ab 21Uhr



Foto: Henryk Weiffenbach

Vibration pulsiert durchs Innere, Bass synchronisiert den Herzrhythmus, bewegt jeden einzelnen Muskel ... und in dieser Bewegung liegt Freiheit: sich vollkommen im allumgebenden Sound fallen und von ihm mitreißen zu lassen, der mit jedem Break die Leidenschaft der DJ auf die Tanzfläche transportiert. Wenn Sound in Worte gefasst werden kann, dann äußern sich so die Kraft und Stärke einer Klangsprache, deren Tenor ein packendes „BassBombardement“ ist: Denn kaum eine DJ hat die Bässe von den Turntables aus so in der Hand wie Vela!

Die Berliner DJ und Künstlerin ist international erfahren, tourte weltweit und legte bei verschiedenen Festivals auf, wie beispielsweise beim Fusion Festival, bei der Berliner Love Parade, dem Glade Festival (UK) oder dem Smile Rave-Festival (Texas, USA). Dass sie Erfahrung und ein Feingefühl für die Musik- und Clubszene miteinander verknüpft, zeigte Vela bereits als Resident-DJ in legendären Berliner Clubs wie Maria – von der Eröffnung bis zur Schließung –, rund fünf Jahre im Tresor und setzt es an verschiedenen Hotspots der Underground- und Clubkultur fort: seit 1999 im Eschschloraque, mit einer neuen Partyreihe im ://about blank oder regelmäßigen DJ-Sets im Solar Berlin.

Ihr „BadAssBassBombardement“ ist der Begriff für eine packende Soundwelt, die sie selbst auf den Punkt bringt: „My music style changed through out the years from BreakBeat to Electro to House to TechFunk to Techno … But it was always, and still is, best described as I’m-going-to-kick-your-arse-onto-the-dance-floor-and-you-will-like-it-and-beg-for-more!!!“
Man kann gar nicht anders, als sich von ihrer Power und ihrem Charme mitreißen zu lassen – „and of course we will beg for more!

Text: Vera Fischer

Samstag, 13. Januar ab 21Uhr

Davide & Martin

Courtesy of the Artist