• Samstag, 24. Februar ab 21Uhr

    Live In Punkow - DJset

    Unofficial CCCP After Party

    DJs Mr. Cigarette Butt & BiPolloi

    Design: Mr. Cigarette Butt

    "Dance your heart out to the darkest part of your soul!“
    Dem Underground verschrieben lassen die DJs Mr. Cigarette Butt & BiPolloi die rohe Ausdrucksstärke energiegeladenen Punks auf synthetische Klänge der 80er treffen – ihre unersättliche Leidenschaft für Musik bringt uns nicht nur auf den Trip, den Untergrund von der Vergangenheit bis in die Gegenwart zu tanzen, sondern ihr Set ist eine Hommage an die italienische Kult-(Post-)Punkband CCCP: „Obviously we will go from punk, to NDW, to wave, to sex beat and the darkest part of your soul.“
    Denn an diesem Wochenende spielt die Band drei restlos ausverkaufte Konzerte!


    Dj: Mr. Cigarette Butt

    Foto: Zara A.

    Dunkler Punk mit Wurzeln so tief wie der Blues – Mr. Cigarette Butt kennzeichnet eine unstillbare Leidenschaft für Musik: Die jahrelange Durchforschung von alten Kassetten, dann von altem Vinyl prägte bereits seine Faszination für eigensinnige Klänge – verwüstet und rein zugleich.
    Musik, v.a. aus der Underground-Szene vom wildesten Rock'n'Roll bis hin zu den synthetischsten Klängen der 80er Jahre, wird wie zu einer Droge. Mit jedem Beat transportiert sie seine Hingabe an gleichermaßen düstere wie bewegende Sounds auf die Tanzfläche, „all well and truly stuffed with unhealthy lives“. Nach vielen Irrwegen aus Italien landete er in Berlin, ist DJ, Musiker, Promoter und vieles mehr.


    Dj: BiPolloi

    Foto: Sofia Karagiourgou

    BiPolloi, u.a. an den Decks der Supamolly, im Clash, Cortina Bob, Lauschangriff, Panzerknacker oder Panenka, bildete sein Fundament auf den Sounds von Punk, Oi und Ska – Genres, die für rohe Kraft und ungefilterten Ausdruck stehen. Von dort aus startete er seine Erkundung nuancierter Genres wie Post Punk, Minimal Synth und Death Rock. Seine Sets spiegeln diese Reise und Erforschung wider; nahtlos vermischen sie die Stile mit Einflüssen aus Europa und der ganzen Welt. „Prepare yourselves for a night where the past and present collide, creating an unforgettable dancing experience.“

    Redaktion/Text: Vera Fischer

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  • Freitag, 23. Februar ab 21Uhr

    El Matador del Taxi


    Das neueste aus Hiphop, Trap, Latin, Elektro, Breakbeat, Dubstep & Bass

    Eduardo Delgado Lopez aka El Educador aka El Matador del Taxi bietet als DJ ein musikalisches Spektrum, das sich von Hip Hop, Dub und Jungle über Punk bis hin zu Latin und Funk erstreckt. Sowohl als DJ als auch als Musiker schafft er einen Sound, der festgefahrene Konventionen aufbricht. So spielte er in Klubs, wie Toaster und WMF sowie als Bassist bei KRATZ, Mark Boombastik & Eduardo Delgado Lopez (Shitkatapult), beim Caspar Brötzmann Massaker oder bei den Reality Brothers.

  • Mittwoch, 21. Februar ab 21Uhr

    Rolle & Zschaber

    Courtesy of the Artists

  • Samstag, 17. Februar ab 21Uhr

    Boris Day

    disco, deep house & garage house music

    Courtesy of the Artist

    Get ready to dance, Berlin! Boris Day, a musician, party promoter, and performer with a love for all things groovy, has been bringing the beats for 15 years. From underground clubs to festival stages, his passion for disco-inspired and classic house music has kept dance floors alive and spirits high. With his extensive experience bringing the beats to dance floors around the world and based in Berlin for a decade, Boris is no stranger to igniting the party scene. His passion for disco, deep house, and garage house music, along with his extensive experience collaborating with musicians across various genres, promises a night of pure sonic bliss. Join Boris for a night of infectious grooves and soulful rhythms. Expect nothing but the finest tunes, unforgettable moments, and a whole lot of dancing!

  • Freitag, 16. Februar ab 21Uhr

    Happy New Queer !

    Welcome back! to another Vinyl Only!
    dance-floor extravaganza!

    Anita Drink, singer of the legendary Berlin ,Disco, Punk! band Eat Lipstick takes over our turn-tables and brings us all on a dance party safari! Warming us up all night long with her bag of Hot Wax !

  • Donnerstag, 15. Februar ab 21Uhr

    Dreifinger Otto

    House, Bass, DnB & Techno

    Courtesy of the Artist

    His DJ pedigree dates back to a deep, dark New Zealand lockdown, but it didn't take long for Dreifinger Otto (aka Tiny Kookie aka The Fly) to get Pōneke, Aotearoa (Wellington, New Zealand) buzzing with a unique selekshun of House, Bass, DnB and Techno. Four years later he makes his European debut in Berlin at Eschschloraque, providing the party people with a funky edge, a filthy streak and silliness supreme. Getcho dancin' shoes on folks, it's gonna get weird!

  • Mittwoch, 14. Februar ab 21Uhr

    MissVergnügen o.h.o.

    Courtesy of the Artist

    Mitte der Woche und das Vergnügen ist Programm – ein klares Muss für einen außergewöhnlichen Abend im Eschschloraque!
    MissVergnügen ist die Berliner DJ und Künstlerin, die wie keine andere den Mittwochabend im Eschschloraque von den Turntables aus in der Hand hat – ihre Mitte der Woche ist schon fast zu einem Ritual geworden, an dem sie jede Konvention brechende DJ-Sets präsentiert: musikalisch Außergewöhnliches, immer wieder Überraschendes oder einfach alles, was das Musik-Liebhaber-Herz begehrt – und das alles mit einem einzigartigen Gespür für die passenden Atmosphäre!

    Text: Vera Fischer


  • Samstag, 10. Februar ab 21Uhr

    Wisdom Tits

    Foto: Pilar Gost

    Wisdom Tits is the Berlin-based project by Caillou, French-German artist, one half of MILK ME and Urban Spree music curator, alongside Paty Vapor, Brazilian artist and member of Wrong Era, a sub label from Slow Motion Records and the infamous Berlin club Sameheads.

    Together they run their party series focused on Synthpunk, Wave, EBM and female artists to aware and embrace towards gender equality in the music scene. Their dj sets are a blend of harsh drums, sexy bass lines and obscure vocals, mixing synthpunk-bodywave to new beat-industrial they infect the dance floor with their high energy selection.


  • Freitag, 09. Februar ab 21Uhr

    Avant Post

    Post-Punk / Letfield / Minimal Synth / Obscure 80s


    Courtesy of the Artist

    On decks:

    Pris V

    + special guest: Tripoli

    Avant Post aims to bring together the deepest 80s subcultural scene with their contemporary accomplices. Artists who challenged the existing codes and standards, the eccentric voices from now and then.


    Pris V

    Courtesy of the Artist

    As a DJ and producer, Pris V has been shaking up the underground music scene since 2008, founding iconic events and musical projects both in Argentina and Germany. Known for her eclectic and immersive DJ sets, she blends genres from post-punk to experimental electronics, creating soundscapes that resonate with diverse audiences.

  • Donnerstag, 08. Februar ab 20Uhr

    Murilo Sá - Live

    An Acoustic Experiment - 2024 Euro Tour

    Foto: Jack Rubens

    Murilo Sá is a familiar figure in the Brazilian indie scene, boasting a multifaceted career as a singer, songwriter, and music producer.
    With three critically acclaimed albums under his belt — "Sentido Centro," recognized as one of the standout debut albums of its year, "Durango!", and his latest LP called "Fossanova" — Sá has consistently built his own musical universe using glitch art music videos and a unique melodic signature, all while embracing his influences from Brazilian music and alternative music from the 1960s to 00s.
    Since relocating to Berlin in 2020, Murilo has formed the band LOVNIS, which is quite active in Berlin's scene, and has gotten involved in a number of other projects and bands.

    Foto: Bruna Marques

    An Acoustic Experiment
    This is a concert made for those who enjoy sitting down and listening to live music sung with heart and soul.
    It´s an experiment and a test for an entirely fresh material, alternating between 12-string guitar, keyboard, and sometimes using drum machines to fire heartbeats.

  • Mittwoch, 07. Februar ab 21Uhr

    another couchpremiere! - the obscure society

    on the couch: Said Saib & MissVergnügen

    Courtesy of the Artists

    Said Saib  DJ , Analog Mix & Mastering engineer from Morocco, based in Berlin. He has a sweet spot for cosmic, leftfield  & obscure….but also a good dive into contemporary electronic gems. He loves Vinyl & has a large & variable collection.

  • Dienstag, 06. Februar ab 21Uhr

    Bande á Part

    - Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter


    m a y I a s k y o u

    Photo by Milena Junge

    A b o u t T h e P i e c e : Finding a balance between societies expectations and our individual emotional authenticity is crucial for a healthy and fulfilling life. The pressure of current societal structures in countries of the global north makes it difficult to find the space to feel and really listen to each other. Societal external coercion can become self compulsion and we lose the connection to our emotions more and more.
    Are we still able to embrace our feelings and exist as emotional beings? What would change if we gave more space to our emotions?

    A u r o r a B r o c c h i is a dancer and multidisciplinary artist based in Germany. She began her career in dance after graduating from the Contemporary School of Hamburg CDSH in 2021. She has been exploring multidisciplinary arts by creating art works, choreographies and installations which combine those. Aurora recently realized her book “If flowers would not wither”: a book of poetry that talks about changes, life, death, healing processes, movement’s connections and shared spaces. She works with the Current Dance Collective in Hamburg, with which she performed three productions “Gorgeousness and Gorgeosity made flesh”, “Rave New World” and “The End Is Important In All Things”. Furthermore, she performed adurational piece, Life on the Planet Orsinamnirana in the Museum of Künste und Gewerbe in Hamburg, first working with the choreographer Ursina Tossi and later on with Jersey Seymour and The Dirty Art Department. In 2023/2024 she worked at the City Theatre in Oldenburg in the Opera production “Die Tote Stadt”. Aurora performed her own pieces “A door to a place I have never seen” in Berlin at Glogau Air Residency, “If flowers would not wither” in Budapest at School of
    Disobedience and in Shoonya Center for Art and Somatic Practices in Bangalore, India. In addition to that she has worked with the choreographers Yolanda Morales,
    Abhilash Ningappa, Anand Dhanakoti.
    “I dance, move, create, paint, write and wonder. I see life through art or the other way around. I’m interested in people, in human bodies and minds, the physical space they occupy and the way those influences each other. I work with images, words, and sensations. I explore and observe my own healing process through movement and body’s connections. I trust vulnerability, and I think sharing is the most enriching thing that we can experience.”

    M i l e n a J u n g e is a freelance dance artist, working as a performer, choreographer and dance teacher since 2016 and is mainly based in Berlin, Hamburg and London. She is part of the ‘Current Dance Collective’ in Hamburg, with which she performed the piece “Gorgeousness and Gorgeosity made flesh” at the Hamburger Sprechwerk in 2022 and 2023. She choreographed two Opera Piccolas at the State Opera of Hamburg: „Die Reise zum Mond“ (2023) and „Die beiden Fiedler“ (2019). Milena has been part of a big variety of different productions ranging from Musicals to contemporary dance theatres and performed in two productions with the Theaterhalle am Dom in Würzburg (2019 and 2021: Choreographies by Thomas Kopp and Hannes Langolf). In the summer of 2023, she was the choreographer’s assistant and dancer in the Opera “Damnation de Faust” at the City Theater of Erfurt.
    In January 2024 she is premiering as the solo dancer of the Opera “Carmen” at the theater of Münster, where she is also working as the choreographer’s assistant. As a
    dance artist Milena has been part of many different kinds of contemporary productions, dance theatres, performances and was able to also work as a choreographer and director/co- director in different productions. At the beginning of 2023 she finished her Bachelor in Sociology and Sign Languages. She combines her interests about critical societal topics with her passion of movement and dance to create relevant art for today’s society. This Duo is her first own contemporary choreography project where she is a dancer and choreographer at the same time.

  • Samstag, 03. Februar ab 21Uhr

    The David Watts Foundation - Dj Set

    60s and Modern Psych & Garage, Post Punk, Britpop
    and guilty pleasures - on vinyl only.

    Foto: Mara Palaske

    The David Watts Foundation, named after an early The Kinks song, is the brainchild of friends Martin and Sascha. Once established as a vinyl-only DJ team in 2014 TDWF also soon started to book concerts around Berlin, focused mainly on neo 60s American west coast bands. Sascha dropped out, Martin continued. Bands to hear that night: Beach Boys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beatles, Animals, Allah-Las, Frowning Clouds, The Who, Four Tops, Otis Redding, Small Faces, The Black Angles, a lot of French YéYé, American garage punk, British 60s and maybe some 70s punk ...

  • Freitag, 02. Februar ab 21Uhr

    Spaghetti a Mezzanotte

    Barox + Don Rispetto
    Disco, Italo disco, Electro beats


    Courtesy of the Artists

    In recent years, Berlin-based DJ Barox has become known, particularly for his Italo disco and eclectic selections, to the local Berlin and international communities.  Resident at Eschloraque in Berlin and Antic teatre in Barcelona he has been a guest DJ in many other venues, celebrated and recognized for his special Groove and ability to combine different facets of electro/disco music.

  • Mittwoch, 31. Januar ab 21Uhr

    MissVergnügen o.h.o.

    Courtesy of the Artist

    Mitte der Woche und das Vergnügen ist Programm – ein klares Muss für einen außergewöhnlichen Abend im Eschschloraque!
    MissVergnügen ist die Berliner DJ und Künstlerin, die wie keine andere den Mittwochabend im Eschschloraque von den Turntables aus in der Hand hat – ihre Mitte der Woche ist schon fast zu einem Ritual geworden, an dem sie jede Konvention brechende DJ-Sets präsentiert: musikalisch Außergewöhnliches, immer wieder Überraschendes oder einfach alles, was das Musik-Liebhaber-Herz begehrt – und das alles mit einem einzigartigen Gespür für die passenden Atmosphäre!

    Text: Vera Fischer