• Samstag, 12. Oktober ab 22Uhr

    DJ Arch.

    Courtesy of Artist

    Believing that electronic music and architecture are highly connected through its huge social impact, Arch. is a traveling soul and been looking for his sound, absorbing and performing in various countries and continents. He has released his music on Otake Records and Soblazn Music. In 2019 Arch. founded an ambient and experimental electronic project called Wälder. He's based in Berlin now.


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  • Freitag, 11. Oktober ab 22Uhr

    Layla Cold

    Courtesy of Artist

    Layla is a Japanese DJ, based in Berlin since June in 2019. After a 6 year career of modeling, she became a Dj in 2011, since then she has taken the stage in events ranging from reception parties for the world’s top brands such as Marc Jacobs, Audi, Cale Haan just to name of a few, and to the top underground parties at the most popular clubs of Tokyo,  such as Contact, VENT, WOMB, eleven, Origami, Air, Unit and Ageha.

    Her career is not restricted to Japan as she has performed in 7 countries so far.


  • Donnerstag, 10. Oktober ab 22Uhr


    (Beat Retreat, Éclat Crew)

    Foto: Pepper Levain

    Yvois is a producer, singer, and the founder of Éclat Crew. She makes beautiful beats of a lo-fi, chilled electronica persuasion, with a heavy bent towards found sounds and ear candy.

  • Mittwoch, 09. Oktober ab 22Uhr

    Vergnügen mit Tulpen

    Courtesy of Artist

    Djs: MissVergnügen & Tulpen

  • Samstag, 05. Oktober ab 22Uhr


    Courtesy of Artist

    Baud is a DJ and musician mainly commuting between Pisa and Berlin who is much influenced by the electronic music scene--but not only this! In her sets, she mixes a large range of different rhythms—often with acoustical instruments including the e-piano and synths, in order to create a multi-colored atmosphere that evokes varied feelings. From playing harder edge Techno with remixes of favorite rock songs to experimental tracks and beats, she collects daily and produces, aiming to cross barriers of redundancy and find her own unique way of expression. Along with co-organizing music festivals such as Fusion while following the music scene in Berlin, her home base since 2015 has been at the Eschschloraque Rümpschrümp, recognized as one of the best and oldest artistic platforms of Berlin. It’s here that she learned how to DJ and raise her music knowledge to a higher level. As she doesn't see a barrier between music and social engagement, she often plays and co-organizes antiracist and queer events. It's for a queer night, when she had to associate a genre to her name, where she invented the term "Electrofluid", which she kept as the perfect description of the music she's playing.

  • Freitag, 04. Oktober ab 22Uhr

    Manu Louis

    Foto: Arnau Pascual Ledesma

    Manu Louis is Belgian, lives in Berlin and escapes from winter in Spain. He travels with a village of electronic instruments and video projections from pop stars or animals to deliver passionate performances that eventually switches gears into an impromptu discotheque that gets the audience moving.
    His music mixes high and low culture to create provocative and decontextualized juxtapositions. His general blueprint remains the same throughout all of his efforts, but the ingredients he uses may vary: from dissident chanson française, genial dilettante, avant-garde composer, new beat, old hit, art-pop & hard bop.
    Cream Parade, his new album (Igloo Records) is a disoriented walk led by synthetizers and follows Kermesse Machine (2017) his first album . The last two years he performed at over 200 festivals and clubs across Europe and Asia.
    Apart from his solitary activities, ultimately Manu also has composed music for the 30 piece ensemble Orchestra Vivo, L’Orchestre de chamber Liège, Plastic Fanfare (a group of 200winds & percussions), Spanish artist Escif and chinese band Dawanggang.

    "Manu Louis is a Belgian with a subversive spring in his step”
    Late Junction, BBC

    "More colourful than a unicorn vomiting a rainbow" GONZAI

    “The braggart of Kitsch.” LIBERATION


    Dj: Noi

    Foto: Benedetta Sanna

    Amedeo Inglese alias Noi is a Berlin based dj, producer and sound designer hooked on a diverse range of genres such as chillout, downtempo, techno, bass and ambient music. Born and raised in Sardinia, he started a career in IT, but then transitioned to focus on electronic music in 2012, moving to Rome and co-founding the “Spacedrome” bass music collective.
    During this time he also juggled between sound design courses and his personal projects, releasing his first productions on Substruct Audio, Smallprint records, Modulate Recordings and Elastica records.
    Between 2014 and 2017 he pursued a Bachelor’s in Electronic Music to further expand his sound design and editing skills. Among his body of work, he prides himself of designing a soundtrack for Konami Europe, which was presented at Gamescom 2014.
    Playing as dj and live performer, he attended several festivals including Arte e scienza (Roma),Versatile (Alghero),Pick nik electronik (Perfugas),Polline (Cagliari),Girovagando(Sassari),Outlook(Croatia) and Freqs of Nature (Berlin).
    He established in Berlin his latest project, “Tetra”, as the result of his collaboration with a dancer and a visual artist. The aim is to combine music, dance performance and visual art to provide the spectator with a multisensorial experience and create a performance that triggers a dialogue between diverse artistic expressions.

  • Mittwoch, 02. Oktober ab 22Uhr

    Strange Songs for strange people

    Courtesy of Artist

    on the couch : JRI & MissVergnügen

  • Dienstag, 01. Oktober ab 22Uhr

    Bande á Part

    – Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter –


    I n g r a i n

    by Rachael Mauney & Telmo Branco

    Foto: Rudi Berr

    Ingrain is an illustration of the religious dogmatic system I was raised in by my family, primarily my mother.  Her rigid, puritanical, and oppressive ideas left me isolated and ignorant of both normal sexual experiences, as well as healthy boundaries.  When my childish ignorance finally encountered popular culture as an adult woman, I was overwhelmed by the demand for hypersexualized performance, without any tools to navigate my own desires or boundaries. My mother's religious extremism provoked my equally extreme rebellion. I replaced one toxic belief system with another and the child remained in my adult body with the same ingrained associations.  Guilt and pleasure, sexuality and shame, punishment and affection.

    - Rachael Mauney

    choreographer/performer: Rachael Mauney 
    assistant dramaturg: Telmo Branco

  • Samstag, 28. September ab 22Uhr

    La Fete D'Amour

    Hermann Hustle
    1 Dj der sich gewaschen hat

    Am Samstag, den 28. September, werden wir euch mit den feinsten Klängen Berlins beschallen. Ab 22 Uhr verzaubern wir euch mit guter Musik und noch besseren Getränken im Eschschloraque! Kommt vorbei oder ihr verpasst was!

  • Freitag, 27. September ab 22Uhr


    courtesy of the artist

    Glitzer, Pauken und Pailletten! &Claudia begreift elektronische Musik als Spielplatz der Phantasie – leg dich nicht fest, wenn es doch so viele schöne Überraschungen geben kann! Querbeet zwischen Techno und House findet sich so manche Spielerei, mit der niemand gerechnet hätte. Am Ende des Abends ist die Welt doch nur eine Scheibe, die im viel zu vollen Plattenkoffer darauf wartet gespielt zu werden.

    Zwischen all den Noten, Claps und Drums findet sich bestimmt eine kleine Lücke – und in dieser liegen tausend Möglichkeiten, die aus einem straighten Beat queere Lebenslust werden lassen.

    &Claudia ist Hildesheimer DJ*/Producer* umtriebig in und um Hildesheim, Hannover und (seltener) Berlin. Neben der Plattenjonglage produziert &Claudia Theatersoundtracks, hauptsächlich für das Kollektiv edgarundallan.

    &Claudia [Les Parties Modèstes]


  • Donnerstag, 26. September ab 22Uhr

    Eschschauffiert #2

    Foto: Henryk Weiffenbach

    DJ Max Krüger

    Eschschauffiert startet in die nächste Runde und lädt am 26.9. ins Eschschloraque, um in den Herbst zu tanzen.
    Verliert das Zeitgefühl und gebt euch hin, umkreist von sphärischen Klängen. Lasst euch abholen und begibt euch auf reisen ...

  • Mittwoch, 25. September ab 22Uhr

    Djnes on the couch

    Courtesy of Artists

    Djnes on the couch : Sanja von Tito & MissVergnügen

  • Dienstag, 24. September ab 22Uhr

    Bande á Part

    – Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter –


    p r o z e n t u a l e t r a n s f o r m e r s

    mit und von: Marlene Naumann & Cathleen Rabe

    Foto: Natali Deftereos

    Mit „prozentuale transformers“ wendet sich die Company für Tanz und Performance „INNER“, bestehend aus den Tänzerinnen Marlene Naumann und Cathleen Rabe, Gebrauchs-, Verbrauchs- und Entsorgungsprozessen von sowohl Mensch als auch Material zu und stellt diese gegenüber.
    In der performativen Forschung werden Transformationsprozesse im Hinblick auf prozentuale Anteile von Lebendigem und Totem in Subjekt und Objekt untersucht.
    Kann eine Prozentzahl an Leben in Blume, Karton, Pflanze und menschlichem Körper performativ und theatral berechnet werden?
    Welche Glaubenssysteme gehen von solch einer Einteilung aus, ist hierbei eine objektive Betrachtung möglich und wenn ja, auf welche Parameter beriefe sie sich?
    Neben dem vielschichtigen Inspizieren der Ist-Zustände werden weitere Transformationen provoziert und verbildlicht. Wie manifestiert sich der Übergang von Lebendigem zu Nicht- Lebendigem? Kann die Trennlinie von Subjekt und Objekt verschoben oder radikal negligiert werden?

    Im Verlauf des Stückes durchleben Zuschauende und Performende räumliche und narrative Wandlungen auf innerer und äußerer Ebene. In der forschen Auseinandersetzung balancieren zwei Individuen zwischen gesellschaftlich produziertem Pathos und Komik.

    INNER ist eine junge Berliner Company für Tanz und Performance, die im Juni 2017, nach langjähriger freier Zusammenarbeit in diversen Produktionen, Drehs und Projekten, von den zeitgenössischen Tänzerinnen Cathleen Rabe und Marlene Naumann gegründet wurde. INNER zeichnet sich durch einen einzigartig reduzierten und den Gründerinnen sehr eigenen Umgang mit Bewegung und einer so entstehenden Ästhetik aus. Elemente aus Tanz, Performance und Schauspiel werden auf eine minimalistische und funktionale Art verbunden, um Thematiken der Psyche des Menschen in einer eigenen, sehr präzisen und doch weitgefächerten Sprache auf die Bühne zu bringen.

  • Samstag, 21. September ab 22Uhr

    Steve Morell

    Foto: Robert Carrithers

    STEVE MORELL is a musician, producer, and founder of the record label “Pale Music Int.” and the German underground festival “Berlin Insane”.

    He started his career as a DJ in Berlin and London in 1984. In 1999 he founded Pale Music International. In the year 2000 he moved the label to Berlin, followed by the first release in 2001. He initiated the event series Berlin Insane in 2003 combined with the release of the complilation Berlin Insane I–IV that gave national, as well as international artists the opportunity to present their works to a wider audience.

    In addition to his work as a musician, he is working as a model and an actor in fashion and music videos including "Kanye West – Flashing Lights" by Martin de Thurah, "The Go Team! – Rolling Blackouts", “Thunderbird Gerard – Leave It All Behind” etc., as well as in Paula Immich´s fashion video “The Damaged” for her new 2011 collection by Michaela Kühn. He will also act in the forthcoming feature film “Love Spasm” by legendary American Underground Filmmaker Nick Zedd.