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Bande á Part

– Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter –


I n g r a i n

by Rachael Mauney & Telmo Branco

Foto: Rudi Berr

Ingrain is an illustration of the religious dogmatic system I was raised in by my family, primarily my mother.  Her rigid, puritanical, and oppressive ideas left me isolated and ignorant of both normal sexual experiences, as well as healthy boundaries.  When my childish ignorance finally encountered popular culture as an adult woman, I was overwhelmed by the demand for hypersexualized performance, without any tools to navigate my own desires or boundaries. My mother's religious extremism provoked my equally extreme rebellion. I replaced one toxic belief system with another and the child remained in my adult body with the same ingrained associations.  Guilt and pleasure, sexuality and shame, punishment and affection.

- Rachael Mauney

choreographer/performer: Rachael Mauney 
assistant dramaturg: Telmo Branco


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