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Costuras (the hole Piece!)

by Sara Lu

"Costuras" sets out to bring a sewn body out from the inside to share with the spectator and create an empathy towards it.
It is a journey into the internal feeling of being squeezed.
She always wore her old watch,
her hands were full of delicate wrinkles..... she sewed life...
this imprinted memory of her inside of me...

Sara Lu, a movement based performing artist who graduated in Ballet from Victor Ullate Ballet School, has held different positions at the Bey Proaction Company, Shima Spain Mura Japan, and in multiple Chinese venues. Moving to Berlin in 2014, has helped her artistic growth by helping Chaim Gebber founding Chaim Gebber- Open Scene.The collaboration lasted for 2 years which was performed in multiple venues. After this period, she continued her personal development by expanding her knowledge through butoh & gaga, this aids her research for more free and authentic movement. In January 2017 she premiered her solo “Muletas” at Theaterhaus Mitte. Currently she is creating her new piece “Costuras” and collaborating throughout Berlin with different mediums and venues such as Theater Ramba Zamba Berlin.


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