Dienstag, 07. März ab 22Uhr

Bande á Part

 - Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter



Choreography | Performance: Naia Urresti
Original Music: La Infanta de Bernardino

Foto: Luca Fiorella

“Penelope, a dance solo that speaks about female desire, about the different aspects of romantic relationships between women. A reflection about the mandates that romantic love imposes on women, not only in heteronormative relations but in every bond we have.”

Naia Urresti is a Venezuelan dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. From a really young age she started her investigation of the body and performing arts through artistic gymnasts, theatre, and contemporary dance. Having worked professionally in Theatre and Dance with different companies in Caracas such as Pisorrojo and Neodanza, she moved to Europe to continue her work and develop her research as a choreographer, presenting her pieces in diverse spaces in Berlin.

Naia Urresti (@naiaurresti) • Instagram photos and videos


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