Dienstag, 22. Januar ab 22Uhr

Bande á Part

-Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -



by Victoria McConnell, Nathalie Wendt & Carla Morera Cruzate

Powerful and sexy. Or must we be sexy in order to have power? Either way, in one evening, the devoted Representatives of Womanhood will offer you their perspectives on sexiness, the reality of female puberty, how to seduce someone, success, and female heroism.

With different fem characters as our guides, with movement in our nature, and comedy as our cure: Together we share our Post-Porn Clowning and our Auto-Biografictional Erotica Standup.   We pledge to seek the ridiculous in order to enlighten the shallow darkness of our instafamous times. 
It's Grrrl Power, baby. 

Featuring:  Kysy Fischer & Teija Vaittinen from the collective ABA NAIA,  The One & Lonely Kelvin and Nathalie Wendt as Agnes.

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