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Bande á Part

Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter


(“DOROTHY” by Sawako Ogo | “EATING CORNERS” by Karlotta Frank)

Disasterchaotic_Photo by Esmēe Aude

S a w a k o O g o is a dancer, choreographer, and improvisational dance practitioner based in Berlin, Germany, originally from Tokyo, Japan.
After attaining B.A. in Dance from San Francisco State University, she immediately proceeded to her professional career to perform the works of Christian Burns, Lenora Lee, Erin Chi-Fang Yen, David Herrera, Natasha Adorlee, Joe Landini, Kristin Damrow, and many others, as a company dancer and a contributor. In 2022, she was nominated for Isadora Duncan Dance Award for outstanding individual performance.
Meanwhile, her choreographic works were commissioned and presented by; Lenora Lee Dance, West Wave Dance Festival, and RAWDance in San Francisco.
Her improvisational dance practice is based upon the understanding of the physical structure, and humanity. She aims to speak through movements and her improvisational research evolved to become works “Disaster Chaotic” commissioned and presented by The Finnish Hall Berkeley, and “GOODBYE FOREVER” commissioned by Lenora Lee Dance and presented by Texas Improvisation Dance Festival in 2022.

Karlotta Frank by Esmée Capsie

K a r l o t t a F r a n k is a dancer and choreographer currently living in Berlin and working in the independent performing arts scene. In July 2023, she completed her second degree in dance and choreography from Performact in Portugal. Karlotta places significant emphasis on the integration of costume design, scenography, and sound within her productions and collaborative projects. She ardently believes that the fusion of diverse art forms enhances the overall richness of a creation.


About the piece:
“This work is not about eating or corners.
It’s an investigation about something
that happened through an accident,

the anxious body and its affection.
And possibly about eating and corners.
I forgot to turn off my head last night.
We left traces in the car. And we fucked it up so bad.
But dear ocean, don't worry, I have lit the candles.”

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