Dienstag, 28. März ab 22Uhr

Bande á Part

- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

n o t  t o d a y “  by DAJCI*COLLECTIVE
present bodies from a bygone dream colliding with the future.

Foto: Moho

„The piece „NOT TODAY“ offers the audience an intimate glimpse of a collective metamorphosis. We combine lightness, heaviness and multiple facets of emotions to open a space into radical love.
„NOT TODAY“ is a continuously evolving work in progress and this expanded edition features a collaboration with the musician videovalve.“

Creators and Performers:
Celia Shaw Morris (she/they)
Anna Deborah Disse (they/them)
Dié Carvalho (they/them)

Live Music and Music Creation:
videovalve (he/him)


Solo work by Yannis Mitsos

Foto: Moho

DAJCI* is a Berlin-based and founded collective composed of five dancers and performers. Since their inception in June 2022, they have been developing a method of active listening, constant questioning, and radical care. Their current research focuses on body image and emotional, physical and social nudity. In July 2022 they presented the piece "one more time/ until when //
thank you for calling, please hold the line", a three hours long participatory installation about "transitory waiting rooms". They are committed to creating works from feminist perspectives for non-traditional spaces.

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