Samstag, 01. Juni ab 21Uhr

Blues & Grooves meets Dub Intervention

'The Face Radio Bk' Soundclash


Line Up:  ED2000 & Jaf Jervis

Bringing together two Djs both of whom have been Djing for close to five decades each, their combined knowledge and experience is what makes this truly special event possible. With Brand New Good For You still the heart beat of the both Djs current chosen fields of interest, combined with a musical awareness, understanding and the Archives to back it up, expect rareities and edits a plenty, pre release road testing and an eclectic no borders mix that will showcase highpoints, defining moments and gamechanger musical milestones from the past, the present and the future of cutting edge Musical Counter Culture.

Jaf Jervis hosts Blues and Grooves every Sunday on The Face Radio, Brooklyn. The show started 2011 in Manchester UK & moved to New York in 2018. It is an eclectic mix of everything from 1950s Rock n Roll right through to brand new Disco, House, Funk and R&B tunes. Reggae, Soul, Gospel, Dance, Ska, Techno, you name it, if it grooves you’ll find it on Blues and Grooves.

Jaffo also regularly DJs across London and has played New York, Manchester, Berlin, Paris and Philadelphia. He hosts the wildly popular Out On The Floor Northern Soul nights at the Mildmay Club in North London and the Sound Lounge in South London. These events celebrate their 2nd anniversary in February 2024, with every one so far selling out in advance.

Corin Arnold aka Ed2000, London Born, resident in Berlin since 1989, Djing out since his 1978 debut club gig in the basement of a Bordello in Soho London. He has played extensively world wide and had non stop radio presence since 1994. His extensive music archive brings together every type of musical innovation that has empowered Sub and Counter Culture movements, from the earliest instances of slavery in the Americas, to todays multi cultural global fusion driven Rhythms of Resistance.

The name Ed2000 is an abbreviation of a project called Earth Dream 2000, initiated by the infamous Uk Art Project, The Mutoid Waste Company. It was gifted to him by TMWC at an art symposium at a former Convent in Plassey, Czeck Republic in 1991. The aim, To create a better planet in the 21st century for our children to inherit from us, likewise their children. This is what the Dj name Ed2000 stands for and represents. This is the Earth Dream for the 2000s!

His Dangerous Dreams Studio is where edits, fills, samples, drops and voice bytes are prepared for inclusion in his Dj Shows and very much reflect the punk roots of his Counter Culture activism. Use what you have and do it yourself. Since 2012 he has consciously evolved a style of Djing that mixes bpms, genre and eras,  into the New Fusions as a start point for new genres. This is Dub Intervention, also a weekly prime time Saturday night 2 hour Radio show on The Face Radio in Brooklyn New York.


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