Samstag, 03. Februar ab 21Uhr

The David Watts Foundation - Dj Set

60s and Modern Psych & Garage, Post Punk, Britpop
and guilty pleasures - on vinyl only.

Foto: Mara Palaske

The David Watts Foundation, named after an early The Kinks song, is the brainchild of friends Martin and Sascha. Once established as a vinyl-only DJ team in 2014 TDWF also soon started to book concerts around Berlin, focused mainly on neo 60s American west coast bands. Sascha dropped out, Martin continued. Bands to hear that night: Beach Boys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beatles, Animals, Allah-Las, Frowning Clouds, The Who, Four Tops, Otis Redding, Small Faces, The Black Angles, a lot of French YéYé, American garage punk, British 60s and maybe some 70s punk ...

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