Samstag, 25. November ab 21Uhr

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Foto: Aviv Victor

Liad is a musician, an artist, a perpetual migrant, a queer trash diva, and a master of the margins. Liad lives in Liadland, physically in Berlin, but emotionally located between continents, between the places she’s lived in and where her heart lies. She brings electro-bootielicious beats peppered with Arab influence as a homage to where she’s from, sassy flows, a bold sexy attitude and hard hitting lyrics. Her inspirations range from classic hiphop, Arabic instruments and scales, punky d.i.y.-90’s movements, and queer culture. Her songs give a voice to intersectionally-marginalizedmisfits, enabling their protagonist to bite back, to celebrate life, and to mourn.
DJ Cherry Core

Courtesy of the Artist

Annika aka Cherry Core has been an influential part of the Berlin electronic music scene for years. She will grace us with a vinyl only set full of captivating dancefloor vibes. When our resident Spoonman DJ saw her playing house and disco records at VOID Club, he knew, he had to get her to Eschschloraque. Her energy and groove behind the decks are the perfect match for the night.
Resident Spoonman Dj and TagTool wiz Ana Ritovski round of what promisies to be a special night !
DJ Cherry Core:
Spoonman DJ

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