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Dj Fil Ok

Fil OK is a composer and producer of electronic music. He has released four solo albums on OK Music: Bitch Disco; Neon Ghost; Electropolis & Mute Riot.

Fil has scored several short films, including work for the BBC in London,and three film projects for Santa Monica College, Los Angeles: Rachel 9000, Hurt & Bird. His latest soundtrack is for the Joshua Evans film Now Departing. In 2016 some of Fil's music was included in two films: Colin Rothbart's Dressed As A Girl, and Russell Brown's Search Engines.

We're in the Water is an art collective, with Fil writing and producing, and an array of different performers and vocalists singing. They have made three albums: Delinquent, Soap Opera & This Is Strange. The song Veneer, from Soap Opera, is featured in the 2015 Oscar-winning film Still Alice. The song Tulips, fromThis Is Strange, is featured in TV Land's Younger.

Atomizer is a electro duo (Fil with Jonny Slut), who for a decade from 2001 made three albums: Rubber Youth, Cult of Europa & Open Secret. Also, along with DJ Jojo De Freq, they ran the electro club
NagNagNag in London during the Noughties.

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