Samstag, 08. Juni ab 21Uhr

Dj Pete Slovenly Eurotour 2024

 (Nowhere, everywhere, Earth)

Blaring all kindsa stuff, from: frat pounders, 60s beat-punk, garage-fuzz, surf, 70s punk, western & 50s R&R, exotica, 60s greasy soul & r'n'b shakers, 90s garagepunk trash, jamaican ska, freaky cumbias, and whatever weird-o sounds he finds to make your dancefloor move.

Foto: Tiberio Sorvillo

Deejaying parties is Pete Slovenlys break from his worldwide search for the planet's best bands for his record label, Slovenly Recordings. He spins the best punk, soul, garage, rhythm & blues movers he's found on vinyl from the past five-odd decades. A big part of what drives Pete to get out and play music for people is the knowledge of the sheer quantity of great music that exists. Humans have been recording music since 1877, and in those 100+ years, LOADS of great stuff to listen to has been created. So WHY should we all be listening to the same songs over and aver again?




Foto: Claudao Ferreira

In fact, his conclusion, after decades of digging for records all over the world, is that most of the best music was created before the 1970s, when the replacement of analog by digital began. When instruments strummed by humans began to be replaced by beats generated by computers.

DJ PETE SLOVENLY is happy to provide an alternative, providing primitive beats by living, breathing, fucking, intelligent souls! Groups of humans playing instruments with strings and skins! Recordings played from vinyl, like the original DJs (that stands for Disc Jockeys, kids) did on the radio...


Dj: Mr. Cigarette Butt

Mr Cigarette Butt by Selene

Mr. Cigarette Butt is characterized by an insatiable passion for music: years of researching old cassettes, then old vinyl, have already shaped his fascination for idiosyncratic sounds - ravaged and pure at the same time.
Music, especially from the underground scene, from the wildest rock'n'roll to the most synthetic sounds of the 80s, became like a drug for him. With every beat, it transports his devotion to authentic sounds connecting his passion for great music with the urge to dance to it on the dancefloor. This night he will make a special mix for you to dance to, spinning hot vinyls, Primitive R'n'B, Raw R'n'R, Wild Soul, Garage, Italian Beat, Punk & obscure love songs for junkie lovers. Don't miss this chance to die dancing but not thirsty!
Don't say you weren't warned!

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