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Dub Intervention

Courtesy of the Artist

Eric Prince (S.U.R.E. New York )
Yourie (Dschungel)
Educador (Eschchloraque)

Eduardo Delgado Lopez ( Educador), Bassplayer and DJ, provides unique music sets ranging from Hip Hop, Dub, and Jungle to Punk, Latin, Experimental and Dubstep. He has played with everyone who is anyone, but is especially known for playing bass with the Caspar Brötzmann Massaker. As a DJ he serves a wide range of modern Electronic rhythmical music as you can hear in Dub Intervention events on The Face Radio with his partner Ed 2000. He has been playing in clubs, such as, Toaster or WMF.

Eric Prince expiereinced the beginning of the Hip-Hop movement first hand as he grew up in Harlem. In 1974 he started making pause mix tapes. He was soon able to save up enough money to buy his first turntables and mixer. He hooked up with a group of local teenagers who then started calling themselves The Fantastic Four. One of the many local crews that called themselves that. Their first residency was at an after hour space called Ja-Gazzy which they soon found out was owned by Harlem Gangster Nicky Barnes.

Currently, Eric has mixes available on most popular music platforms:

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