Samstag, 27. April ab 22Uhr

Dub Intervention

Djs Ed2000 & Educador

Dub Intervention is an ongoing exploration into the ever evolving sonic worlds of Dj Subculture. An evening of edits, re edits and fusions, a journey through as many different eras, genres, bpms and innovations as the residents at this event are fit and able to serve up on the night, with additional sample bank surprises and pre prepared backing tracks. The creative freezone between the dj & the live show.

ED2000 started Djing in 78 while he was the rhythm guitarist and manager of a london based punk band. he moved to berlin in 89 where he still lives in an artist collective on august strasse. with over 4000 gigs and 25 years of continuous radio presence achieved, he currently co-runs Dangerous Drums, now in its 20th year, and hosts a monthly show on Cashmere radio called Dreamtime. He founded Dub Intervention in 2015.

Eduardo Delgardo Lopez / Educador has played with everyone who is anyone, but is especially known for playing bass with the Caspar Brötzmann Massaker. His radical, minimal and sequential playing seems just to be made for Mark Boombastik’s sharp beat(boxing). As a DJ – El Matador del Taxi / Educador – he serves a wide range of HipHop, Dub, Jungle, Punk, Latin and Funk. He has been playing in clubs, such as, Toaster or WMF, and also played bass with Reality Brothers.


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