Samstag, 29. Juni ab 22Uhr

Dub Intervention

Courtesy of: Corin Arnold

Dj: Ed2000

Dub is defined as making a copy of one recording to another. The process of using previously recorded material, modifying the material, and subsequently recording it to a new master mix. Dub Intervention is a contemporary take on this particular Sound System. There is no focus on any particular era, bpm or genre. Dub Intervention pays hommage to the great innovators of dub by following their example rather than by playing their greatest hits....

Corin Arnold, Ed2000, has been Djing for 40 years, and has had continuous radio presence for 25 of those years. He has fullfilled well over 4000 dj bookings in dozens of countries during that time. He currently has a regular show at Cashmere Radio Berlin, and is resident Dj in Gretchen and Der Weisse Hase where he showcases the Dangerous Drums collective events that he co-runs, and Eschschloraque where he presents his Dub Intervention project. He has just had a remix accepted for release on the legendary Djungle Fever label, due out on vinyl in the coming months, and as a result of this he has been invited to release a full ep of his own exclusive edits, remixes and treated field recordings for the same imprint.


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