Jeden Tag ab 14 Uhr bietet unsere Kaffeekaschemme ein ruhiges Plätzchen mit kalten und heißen Getränken.


Im Eschschloraque sind alle willkommen, die an unserem Programm interessiert sind, um Musik und Kunst der lokalen und internationalen Undergroundszene zu erleben, zu feiern und zu bewahren – respektvoll miteinander! Von daher: Hier gibt es keinen Platz für Nazis, Rassismus, Sexismus, Homophobie und Diskriminierung jeglicher Art!
Und: respektiert unser Fotoverbot und den Besuch von großen Gruppen nur auf Anfrage (


Dienstag, 19. November ab 22Uhr

Bande á Part

- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -


C H A O T I C   L I M B S   C O M P A N Y

Courtesy of Artist

Jingle Hell

Oh, the Christmas time! In our western world a time full of traditions and different feelings. But behind it there is a tough economic industry. Who produces the consumer goods and under which conditions this happens, falls into the background. Who pays really for our happiness?

Concept and choreography: Paola Zadra
With Uta Eismann, Sebastian Roßbach, Mathilde Tomi, Janna Weber
Texts: Maren Meinhold
Music and composition: Daniel Vacas Peralta

Chaotic Limbs Company combines dance, theatre and contorsion focussing on sociopolitical themes. Founded in Berlin in 2016 the company is led by Artistic Director Paola Zadra. With extensive experience in contemporary dance Paola's passion is to create and present unique dance performance. Each production explores a conventional wisdom and asks us to reflect and ask ourselves - what is true? Audiences are invited to find the humour and purpose in each company piece.

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Mittwoch, 20. November ab 22Uhr

MissVergnügen o.h.o.

Courtesy of MissVergnügen

Die Mitte der Woche wird zum reinsten Vergnügen: Jeden Mittwochabend präsentiert die Berliner DJane und Künstlerin MissVergnügen ausgewählte Musik-Highlights von der Couch aus, wo sie mit ihren Gästen – oder eben "on her own" – das Publikum durch die Nacht bringt, mit einem besonderen Feingefühl für die passende Atmosphäre!

Die Abende mit ihr sind längst zum festen ‚Ritual‘ geworden: Zur Mitte der Woche lädt sie mit ihrem Programm in den Künstlerclub und präsentiert rund zweimal im Monat Live-Gäste. Und sollte mal kein Live-Act zu Besuch sein, legt sie im Ping-Pong-Verfahren mit wechselnden Partnern auf oder präsentiert ihre DJ-Sets ...

Seid auf jeden Fall bereit für Überraschungen und dafür, auf Außergewöhnliches aus der Musikwelt zu treffen, wenn ihr euch mit Vergnügen im Halbdunkel der Monsterbar Eschschloraque einfach treiben lassen könnt!


Freitag, 22. November ab 22Uhr

Latin Soul Groove Vinyl Session

Dj: El Alakrán

Courtesy of Artist

El Alakrán (Bogotá-Colombia, 1982) is a selector of Latin American tropical music, from boogaloo and salsa to cumbias in their different variants, although he prefers the ones produced in Colombia and Peru in the 60s and 70s. His sessions also have funk ingredients, with afrobeat strokes and related groovy rhythms.

Samstag, 23. November ab 22Uhr

KILLA b2b #swif all-night-long

KILLA's Bday Dance @Eschschloraque

Foto: Yky Galore

Come celebrate KILLA's birthday in an original oldschool Berlin venue. She'll be playing all-night-long with #swif – a mysterious artist most of you know under his other techno moniker.

Raised on a strict diet of beats and swag, KILLA is a vinyl-only DJ whose sensitive ear for the more unconventional crossovers between groovy techno, high-brow electronica and the B-side oddities of dance music is helping her flesh out a sound uniquely her own. KILLA came to Berlin in 2010 and started mixing publicly a few years ago, earning a quick-fire reputation for the uncompromising musical integrity of her selections, frequently served with a dash of diva sass. Her sets are as diverse as the venues she plays at (://about blank, Griessmühle, IfZ, Kampnagel, KHIDI, Tresor) and the crates she digs in. A founding member & resident of Lecken since day one, she also co-organises local and international events (i.e 'Wax Treatment') with the KILLASAN sound system since 2014.



Lecken Collective




Dienstag, 26. November ab 22Uhr

Bande á part

- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -


B r i t t  A n g u s & I m o g e n  M a n s f i e l d

V e n u s - A l c h e m i e

Foto: Imogen Mansfield

Venus-Alchemie is an evening of film, dance, and polaroid photography, exploring the nature of duality, darkness, alchemy, and Wicca rituals. With choreography and movement direction by Britt Angus, and film and photography by Imogen Mansfield, the two artists collaborate to create a piece culminating in this fierce visual odyssey.

Foto: Imogen Mansfield

Concept & choreography: Britt Angus
Film & photography: Imogen Mansfield
Dancers: Britt Angus, Imogen Mansfield, Amie-Blaire Chartier & Shannon Walsh
Music: Vveber and Shannon
Styling: Gemme Atelier


Mittwoch, 27. November ab 22Uhr

Strange Songs for Strange People

Courtesy of MissVergnügen

on the couch: JRI & MissVergnügen

Donnerstag, 28. November ab 22Uhr


Jochen Arbeit präsentiert:


Live mit

Courtesy of Artists

Sanft und gleichermaßen kraftvoll setzt MARTINA BERTONI den Bogen zu neuen Wegen an, die von reiner Klassik hinweg durch ein Territorium von experimenteller und elektronischer Musik führen. MUNSHA, Musikerin, Sound Designerin und Performerin, entwirft Umwelten von Noise und Minimal, in denen unkonventionelle Strukturen mit harmonischen Kadenzen verschmelzen, um in einem komplexen, bisweilen elektronischen Sound zu gipfeln. Beats, Noise und Recordings, die die Umgebung in ein anhaltendes Surren hüllen, das immer wieder zu neuen Effekten ansetzt, auflodert, flackert und doch Ruhe ausstrahlt, kennzeichnen die dichten Soundcollagen von HOPEK QUIRIN.

Foto: Martin Walz

Gemeinsam mit JOCHEN ARBEIT entspinnt sich eine faszinierende Zusammenkunft aller musikalischer Systeme, während die Gitarre den Facettenreichtum einer elektrisierenden Klangsprache zum Ausdruck bringt. Vibration und eine eigene Trance des Sounds greifen das Umgebende auf, entfalten es weiter und lassen im kreativen Sound-Dialog Neues entstehen – die Kommunikation der Klänge in der den Künstlerclub erfüllenden Klanglandschaft!

Weitere Infos:

Freitag, 29. November ab 22Uhr

Oliver Marquardt – DJ Jauche

Foto: Manuela Clemens

Born in East Berlin, Oliver Marquardt was first inspired to become a DJ when the 1984 Break Dance Film "Beat Street" permeated the city's isolated music scene. Equally influential was the dance music he listened to, broadcasted from West Berlin radio. After closely following these new music styles - hip hop, acid house etc – Oliver bought his own pair of turntables in 1989. This was right after the Berlin wall came down, providing fertile soil for the city's new
underground music scene to take roots and by the following year Oliver was hosting his own techno parties. His illegal warehouse parties were noteworthy in themselves Oliver forged ahead as one of the first german DJs to establish a nationwide presence and impressed people with his Dj skills and fine music selection.

DJ Jauche, as he is known, began a residency in Berlin's legendary „Walfisch“ Club and played regularly in many other Berlin Underground Clubs. 1995 he kicked off his party "Jauchomatic" where he brought his brother „Sven Marquardt“ into the club scene and gave him his first job as a "selector/doorkeeper" . Nowadays Sven is famous for his work as an Artist and Photographer and of course as the " Iron Man" selector of Ostgut and now Berghain Club. Jauchomatic stands for music from 1988 to 1995, House to Techno, Oldschool
Trance Tracks, Acid and Breakbeats. His ongoing Event is taking place once a year in his Homebase Berlin and welcomes over 700 happy Ravers.

1998 he launched Jetstream, a small-scale record label of his own. For the 1999 edition of the annual summer festival Loveparade, Oliver prepared under the name Jack Flash a re-edit of the disco classic "Love is in the Air" and pressed 500 white label copies. As the track became an underground hit, he approached the productionteam Milk & Sugar (who were running a label under the same name) for advice on giving it a bigger release.

Oliver debuted his new project Robin Masters Orchestra to showcase his own production paired with various guest vocalists. He continued to champion deep house with Extreme Couching Mix CD series released on DJ SETS now on its fourth edition. In his studio, he stayed busy working with co-producer Björn Brandt, releasing not only as Jack Flash but also as Machomovers, best known for their club hit "Jägermeister". Around this time Oliver expanded his repertoire by producing, mixing and arranging Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft's „15 Neue DAF Lieder“, the bands first album in almost two decades. Over the years DJ Jauche has completed numerous remixes, including for the seminal german punkband Die Ärzte, New York City´s rave pioneer Frankie Bones and Berlin fellow Marusha.

2008 he started releasing new music under the project " Rockford Inc." First release was on Jay Haze's label "Roots/Tunning Spork", followed by the Album release of Desney Bailey "Meant to be". Furthermore he published some vinyls and remixes under the name " Robin Masters Orchestra".
In May 2018 he kicked off releasing his new Album „Backseat Stories“ while continuously djing in clubs, such as „Suicide Circus“, „Sisyphos“, „Ritter Butzke“, „The Egg / London“, „Soho House“ and many more...

Jauche strictly plays Vinyl and combines all styles of music he loves, from House, Disco, Funk to make the events more interesting and keeping the people on their toes.


label & releases



Samstag, 30. November ab 22Uhr

Winter in Hawai’i

DJ/VJ : Sniper

Eschschloraque proudly presents Ukulelezaza in Berlin – und zeigt, wie Winter auf hawaiianisch klingt!
Geht mit uns auf Reisen durch Raum und Zeit, „through the ever joyful ukulele universe“ mit UKULELE ZAZA! Doch hier werden nicht nur Ukulele-Liebhaber*innen in den Bann gezogen: Zaza steht für vielschichtige, inspirierende Shows voller Songs, Stories und Entertainment (und das ohne jegliche Pop-Cover- Version!). Die Gelegenheit, einen Meister des Genres live zu erleben, unterstützt von „Hawaiian Vibes from Berlin“: Die hapa haole Band HULA HUT & THE SEVEN SEAS belebt die Hula-Tradition des frühen letzten Jahrhunderts wieder und begleitet Zaza auf dieser leidenschaftlichen Reise, während DJ/VJ Sniper uns näher zu den Inseln bringt – das Live-Special Winter in Hawai’i versetzt Raum und Zeit vom freudigen Ukulele Universum zu Hawaiian Vibes der 1920er und 30er auf dem Trip zur „glory in music!“ Come one, come all!!!

Foto: Sanna Krook

UKULELEZAZA, „One of the most complete uke players in the world“ (Kamuke Magazine), zählt zu den Top-Favoriten der europäischen Ukulele Community und ist Mitbegründer des Belgian Ukulele Festival. Außerdem sind Zazas Lehrbücher und Workshops international bekannt, während seine musikalische Leidenschaft die gegenwärtige ‚Retro-Uke-Scene’ begeistert: „His gentle touch, right hand wizardry and tasteful arrangements have inspired, and continue to inspire, ukulele players worldwide.“ Solo präsentiert Zaza mit seiner Variation an Vintage Ukulelen Instrumental der 1920er und 30er – wie gemacht für seinen Live-Support:

Foto: Henryk Weiffenbach

HULA HUT & THE SEVEN SEAS spielen traditionelle Musik aus genau dieser Zeit und „cause a delighted heart and a smile on your lips!“ Sie legen ihren Fokus auf verlorengegangene Sounds großer Steel Guitar Bands mit Klassikern von Sol Hoopii, King Benny Nawahi, Jim and Bob (The Genial Hawaiians) u.v.m. Die „Hawaiian Vibes from Berlin“ kommen von Sebastian Müller (Acoustic/Electric Steel Guitar), Patrick Arp (Ukulele) und Taylor Savvy (Parlor Acoustic Guitar). Yuko Matsuyama singt Hawaiian Ha'i Style, begleitet von Derek Shirley am Acoustic Bass. Safy Etiel aka DJ/VJ SNIPER, ist Multimedia- Künstler und einer der VJ-Pioniere der Berliner Club-Szene. Er präsentiert seine Arbeiten weltweit auf Festivals, in Clubs, mit Tanzkompanien, bei Theater-Produktionen und Klassischen Konzerten. Seine Videos und Sound-Installationen schaffen einzigartige visuelle Atmosphären, die mit traditionellen Sehgewohnheiten brechen oder diese herausfordern. Und dies auf Reisen durch Raum und Zeit mit ‚delighted hearts and smiles on your lips’ – Willkommen im Winter in Hawai’i!

Dienstag, 03. Dezember ab 22Uhr

Bande á Part

- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -


N o e m i  V e b e r i č  L e v o v n i k

Courtesy of Artists

Noemi Veberič Levovnik was born in 1985 in Yougoslavia, which 6 years later became Slovenia.

During her turbulant childhood she was already very artistically active and this child is still very present in her performances and interactions with the audience. In her wild highschool years she immersed herself in the cinematic culture, started making her own videos, wrote a movie script for a lesbian love story, wrote numerous poems during mathemathics lessons and performed them in the Poetry events she organised in the squats of Metelkova, while also drawing and painting at the visual arts Highschool she attended in Ljubljana. She moved to France at age of 18 to pursue a year of work in the field of theatre as an actress and scenography/costume designer with the group La Strada in Troyes. Later she completed a Bachelor with Major in Film and Minor in Visual Arts at the University Paris 8. She pursued the developement of her artistic practice into predominantly video art and installation at the Ecole d’Art de Quimper, where she obtained her DNSEP in 2011 - presenting installations and an artist book/diploma Chambres et Hors Chambres. In 2013 she graduated from a Contemporary Art and new Media Masters at the University Paris 8, writing about her creative practice - the creative process, the characters, the narratives and the spaces that appear in her artistic work.

Since 2013 she has been freelancing as a visual artist and performer and has also had a number of odd jobs on the site (most of which involved teaching or disciplining someone). Since 2014 she has explored the medium of live art through many solo performances, has directed shows, worked as assistant theatre director and actress. Her artistic practice continues to be interdisciplinary at its core. It contains drawing, painting, installation, sound and music, photography, performance and video. Noemi is currently working between Berlin and Slovenia.

Mittwoch, 04. Dezember ab 22Uhr

The flea circus Zakapüs !!

MissVergnügen presents

The flea circus Zakapüs !!

Courtesy of Artist

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the one and only, buggy and itchy: flea circus Zakapüs! Madame Zakapüs has been traveling the world to find the most talented fleas. In her show you will see the smallest acrobats of the universe! In this show between circus and puppetry, the artists are funny colorfull fleas: trapezists, jongleurs, acrobats, dancers..
Come and experience the magic of a unique show!

Djne: MissVergnügen

ab 22uhr
live-show um 23uhr

Donnerstag, 05. Dezember ab 22Uhr

Sara Renar + Kassetta


Sara Renar

Foto: Ferina Zvonimir

Sara Renar is a recording and performing artist from Zagreb, Croatia. Her music style can be described as experimental/indie/pop mixing subtle melodies with electronic and theatrical elements. A former architect with a Master’s degree, she has left her office job to pursue a full time career in music and is praised as one of the best Balkan new generation singer – songwriters. She has won multiple regional awards for her music and live performances including:

- IMPALA European album of the year nomination
- Nomination for Porin - Croatian album of the year
- Nomination for Porin - Best alternative album

- Best album - Croatian radio
- Best album - Nacional magazine
- Best album - Ravno do dna music portal
- Best artist in music - Globus magazine

- Awarded Porin - Best vocal performance
- Nomination for Porin - Best alternative album

- Nomination for Porin - Best debut album

Renar has played over 300 gigs in the last four years including major regional venues such as MENT festival, SuperUho festival, Exit festival, Špancirfest, Lake fest, Mixer festival and Pula film festival and has performed as the opening act for Manu Chao, Macy Gray and Rundek Cargo Trio. She has also successfully collaborated with experimental theatre - three acclaimed projects with the Montazstroj collective (55+, The future is now, Little Man Wants to Cross the Line), played in the radio phonic drama “Tesla n’ Twain” (produced by the Croatian National Television and Radio and SKROZ collective) and is the author of the critically acclaimed experimental piece “Where do you draw the line?” in collaboration with the Croatian National Television and Radio.
She has so far released four albums: “Djeca” (“Children”), “Jesen” (“Autumn”),“Tišina” (“Silence”) and the live album “Gdje povlacis crtu?” (“Where do you draw the line?”). Her latest studio album has been listed in the top ten regional albums of 2016. by all major local media.
Renar has played more than 300 shows in the last four years across Southeast and Central Europe. She is currently on tour promoting her latest album.\renarsara


eddylirious ink

courtesy of eddylirious ink

Hinter Kassetta verbirgt sich eddylirious ink! Eine Berliner Tätowiererin und Türsteherin. Zur Abwechslung macht sie auch noch Musik! „Ich spiele einfach das, was ich mag!“ Und genau das ist so beliebt bei ihrem Publikum.
Wie der Name schon sagt Kassetta!
Kein Schnickschnack, nur reine Hits aus den 70er & 80er Jahren zum Abdancen und Spaß haben.
Einfach wie es früher einmal war! Los geht’s!! Prost!

Freitag, 06. Dezember ab 22Uhr

AUTOPOIESIS pleasure bass

AUTOPOIESIS is known for its queer vibes, promoting WLTI* artists, and  for its dark bass heavy techno sound. However - we do have a softer side too :))) Its not the kind of chill-soft, its the funky, ass-shaking funky side, that is guaranteed to make you wanna move! And this is what resident DJs AMPERIA and VELA are going to do in Eschschloraque on the Nikolaus fest, the 6.12., so bring lots of chocolate and spread some love on the dance floor!

Vela by Henryk Weiffenbach

VELA's "I’m-going-to-kick-your-arse-onto-the-dance-floor-and-you-will-like-it-and-beg-for-more“ attitude has brought many a dance floor to a boiling point and won the hearts of fans and supporters.
She is one of the founders of the electronic music scene in Sofia, Bulgaria and since 20 years based in Berlin, Djing, producing, radio hosting and making steel sculptures.
Expect banging bass-heavy booty shaking tracks!

Foto: Nacho Blumen

AMPERIA, aka Aurelia Dinamita started setting up fundraising events at squats where post-punk and wave joint forces along with queer and feminist politics. So much so that Trash Me, eventually became a bigger concept together with Dis/Tanz, a collective that throws sexpositive feminist soliparties.
As Amperia, she buries souls with rough industrial sets but also kick asses with funky house beats. She´s resident at :// about blaks´ sexparty poly|motion. Under this moniker, she is in charge of Autopoiesis together with dj Vela and Autopoiesis Radio Podcasts project for only trans and women* djs around dark electronics.
Instagram: @amperia_

Samstag, 07. Dezember ab 22Uhr

Dj Monsieur Le Schlö

Monsieur Le Schlö aus Hamburg dreht Platten der Welt: von Afrika über die Amerikas in den Orient und wieder zurück. Oft Vintage, manches Mal elektronisch gepimpt, gerne gerapt. 100% ethnisch unsauber. Neben regelmäßigen Terminen an diversen Orten der Stadt mixte er schon beim Fusion Festival, 40Ft Disko/Dockville und OffTheRadar.

Dienstag, 10. Dezember ab 12Uhr

Bande á Part

- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter - 


  K n u c k l e  U p  C a b a r e t 

Zora van der Blast
Sarah Twister
Vanessa Lee 
Juan mi Gamma 
DJ Seraphim 

hosted by Roc-It

Mittwoch, 11. Dezember ab 22Uhr

Hot Tunes for Cold Days

Foto: Viviana Druga / Hintergrund: Alessandro Cemolin

 on the couch: Sanja von Tito & MissVergnügen