Donnerstag, 02. März ab 21Uhr

Infinite Livez präsentiert: Marlon Browden

Courtesy of the Artist

“Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri multi instrumentalist Marlon Browden has absorbed the authentic American music experience within all of its diversities. From performing his solo songs to creating a vibe on the drums makes him rather unique.

He’s recorded, toured and shared the stage with world greats such as Vernon Reid, Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), John Scofield, Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones and many others. He also appeared on US TV show Saturday Night Live and German TV Series KuDamm 63.

In his music he creates a sound that’s warm yet fresh, skillfully uniting acoustic with electronic sounds, mixed with subtle melodies and Voodoo beats with lyrics towards life love you and me, immersing the listener more and more in a panoptic of spherical sounds.”

Dj: Infinite Livez

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