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Lotis Tyr

Foto: Jakub Koncir

Lotis Tyr  - Live

„Lotis Tyr ́s dusky electro is like the soundtrack for a dream: full of mystery and uncertainty, haunted by dark desires and faded memories.“

Born to a Greek father and a German mother who travelled the continents, Lotis grew up absorbing sounds from all corners of the world. Having spent her youth listening to guitarheavy music and singing in the school choir, she decided to settle down in the midst of the buzzling, ever- changing Berlin of the early millennium, enhancing her musical horizon with the city ́s electronic repertoire. Lotis obtained a Master of Arts degree in Film and Literature, then got a glimpse of movie making working on international film sets and eventually writing her first script.

Deeply influenced by the silver screen both theoretically and practically, Lotis started capturing her musical ideas on her computer. In 2011 her first band, the electro-pop formation “Mont Royal“, was founded. When the duo decided to go separate ways in 2014, “Lotis Tyr“ was born: an all-digital solo project melding musical and cinematic elements into hallucinatory soundscapes with vibrant beats and distinctive vocals.

Given the multitude of influences that run through her biography, it comes as no surprise that Lotis Tyr identifies with all things hybrid:

“I don ́t seem to relate to one-dimensional perspectives. I always feel in between, caught in the middle of the established dualities. Northern and southern, strong and fragile, male and female, old and new – I carry all of them within me and that ́s what I try to express through my music: the simultaneity of the allegedly disparate.“

Lotis Tyr ́s debut EP “Intro“ was released in 2017 and followed by the single (+video) „Somebody Else´s Eyes (Blinded Version 2018)“.

Her second EP will be released later this year.

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