Donnerstag, 08. Februar ab 20Uhr

Murilo Sá - Live

An Acoustic Experiment - 2024 Euro Tour

Foto: Jack Rubens

Murilo Sá is a familiar figure in the Brazilian indie scene, boasting a multifaceted career as a singer, songwriter, and music producer.
With three critically acclaimed albums under his belt — "Sentido Centro," recognized as one of the standout debut albums of its year, "Durango!", and his latest LP called "Fossanova" — Sá has consistently built his own musical universe using glitch art music videos and a unique melodic signature, all while embracing his influences from Brazilian music and alternative music from the 1960s to 00s.
Since relocating to Berlin in 2020, Murilo has formed the band LOVNIS, which is quite active in Berlin's scene, and has gotten involved in a number of other projects and bands.

Foto: Bruna Marques

An Acoustic Experiment
This is a concert made for those who enjoy sitting down and listening to live music sung with heart and soul.
It´s an experiment and a test for an entirely fresh material, alternating between 12-string guitar, keyboard, and sometimes using drum machines to fire heartbeats.

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