Mittwoch, 22. Mai ab 22Uhr

Stony Sugarskull


MissVergnügen presents:

Stony Sugarskull - live!! 
Hypnotic Psych Punk

Courtesy of Stony Sugarskull

The most distinctive thing about Stony Sugarskull is her unique vocal style and hypnotic transcendent delivery: a collage of dreamy, playful, innocent, ironic, clever, with earnest, spiritual, psychedelia thrown in - a kind of detached arty Velvets thing happening.

Bien que un mix de Nina Hagen et Lou Reed etait très feminine. (El Sa)
Dreamy aesthetics with a bit of punk and dizziness, liked the lyrics also. (Dimitris Sideris)
A mixture of sensuality and rebellion. (Paulo Miguel Viana) Elysian fields with cold wave vibes. (Nicolas, Le Farmer Lyon)



Djne: MissVergnügen


Courtesy of: MissVergnügen

Djne: MissVergnügen ab 22 Uhr
Live show ab 23 Uhr

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